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  • What to Do

    i just feel so lost. despondent.
    what am i going to do with my life?
    feels like i'm just wasting time and effort everyday.
    i have no path.
    i have no talent....or passion.....does anyone
    realize how worthless i am? all this
    talk about college just makes me sad,
    and makes me want to stay a kid forever.
    i have no clue. about the world. about anything.

    so where can i go? is there any room for me?

  • Everybody's changing, and I don't know why~

    Semi current pic of me. My hair is short again. 15 years. Midway soph year.

    I just refound this blog after going on Yahoo questions and wondering about how I wrote a few blogs such as this. I hope no one ever really reads these, like from school haha. But oh well if they do.

    HAVE TIMES CHANGED. Since the last time I wrote, of course.
    To start off, I have changed. Trends have. Lingo has. Style has. Music has. Life has. Family has. Love has.

    Everyone has.

    And I'm not saying it's necessarily a bad thing. I grew my hair long, tried different makeup tricks, etc. Actually I have my hair cut short again which is a regret because the lady didn't even do what I wanted ;( Oh well. It seems as though many hairdressers always cut off more than you want them to..

    I like my small circle of friends. Well, to start off, I never had real friends until this 2nd semester of sophomore year. You see, my other bffs started developing other interests, and yeah let's leave it at that. Friends come and

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  • Not a huge deal

    A current picture of me & my friend :) 4-30-10.
    (I'm on the right. Deeeeeeeeeeeerrr.)


    I suppose I changed lots. Physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. The whole nine yards Which is normal. But wow. It's been so long. And so much has happened. Today I had a pep rally at school. Yeah, you care. My life has been so stressful, I'd rather not get into details about the negative bit. I'm a bit of an optimist. My friends aren't. Speaking of friends, I made so many new ones freshman year. This year has gone by faster than any other I have lived, and many new experiences made it an enjoyable one. For example, I got my first boyfriend. Although it wasn't all it was cracked up to be :/ Especially when he moved on after I broke up with him. Regret, regret, regret. Sigh. I'll have to move on.

    I'm currently obsessed with Switchfoot. Idk why. I'm listening to a random playlist on Youtube. And I WANT AN iPOD. PLUS I NEED TO SHOP. Haha.

    lalala. I have gotten so many surprises

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  • Updates during Summer 2009

    Hehe this is a current picture of me! :]

    I wonder if anyone even reads these, haha. Anyways, not something to dwell on. Right now

    I'm listening to The Climb in one of my Youtube playlists. I added a few new videos on it too.

    In case anyone wants to see, my Youtube channel is aeroloverr1987. Cool.

    Wow. Summer is just summer. I didn't go anywhere special like most, and some people claim that

    summer of 2009 was gonna be great, but not for me. Actually I met a lot of new people like Erin on Facebook or this kid named Matt at the Stratford Swim Club. Matt was annoying and skinny and a jerk

    and looked like a baby. Show off too. Sorry about that, just had to get that off my chest, haha!

    It's really late and I'm bored on my bro's laptop. Nothing much has really changed, except my dad's one year mark is almost here. RIP, daddy. I love you and will never stop

    Most of my summer consisted of pleasure reading, friends, food, and sleeping in. Ah, wonderful isn't it? I finished my summer

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  • All about me!

    Hmm, where exactly to start?
    Well, I'm of 13 years!
    My favorite color is all shades of green!
    And of course, lavender.
    My favorite food, is uh, IDK, actually.
    I have five besties and I meet new people
    all the time and I love doing so.
    I think I am a people person.
    I'm environmentally friendly and even have a
    shirt that says "GO GREEN." Again, one
    of my favorite shirts. My wardrobe is pretty
    cool and I have brown eyes and dark brown
    hair. (blackish, almost.) I have a parakeet
    that gets on my nerves and I have to share
    a room with my sister. I have two bros, and
    a sis. My hobby is shopping and going on
    the computer and hanging with friends. I love
    scary movies and cupcakes. I have a phobia
    of worms (EW!) and I'm also not a fan of
    spiders,bugs, clowns, and people who dislike
    me "with a passion". I like guys who can cry
    and I'm into sensitive, mysterious, creative,
    funny guys. But I also like abs, tan, tall, and
    hot guys. Orlando Bloom is so hot. Lol. I love

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  • booored!

    It's freezing in my house right now and I'm listening to Lily Allen's "Who'd of Known", one of my all time favorite songs ever. I only have two more days left of my Christmas Break =( I wish it would snow sometime. It just did, but it stops in like, two minutes, literally. I want to stop global warming; I've always been environmentally friendly, haha. It's becoming a big problem though. What can we do? Hmm. I'll write another blog when I feel like it. TTYL & LOL. By the way, LOL means = Loads Of Love!