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  • Talking in Your Sleep

    I realize that when we are sleeping we have no control over what we say, but when our partners talk in their sleep should we be worried about what they are saying?

    I have recently moved in with a man. We have been together for just over 7 months and he has only been divorced for 2 years (me 7+). He finally told his family that we had moved in together and from what he said they were happy for him. Tonight while sleeping he said, " You won't like her". When I asked, "What?" His response was "She has some personal demons". (I don't as far as I know)

    My question is should I be worried that this is what he thinks of me or is he talking of someone else? I am new to the "extended" relationship thing... I love him with all my heart and honestly believe that he would never hurt me, but does he have reservations that maybe I should be worried about???

  • Advice????

    ASo, after 25 years, a failed marriage and two kids, I heard from a guy that I dated in high school....

    The phone conversations have been great and the plan is to get together this weekend... The catch is he lives two hours away so I told him he could stay here.

    Am I wrong for extending the invite??? We are both adults and I do have an extra room or is he thinking something else??? Along way to go for a "booty call" and he seems to be looking for something more...

    Help please!!!!

  • on-line dating profiles gone wrong

    I have to share this with all of you out there both men and women who are participating in on-line dating...
    We have all gotten the emails that the subject is "Hi" and that's all the email says... It makes it hard to respond to, but occasionally we can look at their profile and find a common interest and be able to respond with some sort of intelligent comment or question.
    Or we have the emails that say "U R Hot!" I may be old fashioned, but at 40 something I don't want to be "hot" and I prefer you know how to use real words and not just letters.
    With all of this said, I know I occasionally make errors in spelling and grammar. We all have, but I received a message from someone today and had to share a copy of his profile.

    Please feel free to share the interesting profiles you may have seen.


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  • My friends have all heard the stories, good and bad, about this guy... I have one girlfriend that has never met him and hates him already for some of the "bad things" about him. (none are terribly bad)
    My other two friends that I have known for years are meeting someone I am dating for the first time since my divorce. (4+ years I have been single)
    We are all going out for my 40th birthday. I am nervous about this. Should I be? What if my friends don't like him? (cause I do) What if they do really like him and things don't work out? Is there a chance that my friend who doesn't like him can be swayed into liking him? Can they play nice together for one night?
    I would hate for this birthday to turn into a memorable one because of a guy...

  • Should I give him one more shot?

    About three years ago I met a great guy. We dated for awhile and then he dumped me to get together with an old girlfriend... We have stayed in contact and friends over the years.
    About two weeks ago he asked me out again. (he's been single for a few months now) We've gone out three times in the past two weeks and all the old feelings are still there for both of us.
    My question is should I give this another try? Is the risk of finding someone worth the risk of being hurt? I do know that I'm not as open as I was the first time we dated out of fear, but I really like this guy... Can it work?

  • Why do we try and fix what's broken??

    I have been divorced for 4+ years now... I seem to find the men that are "broken" and fix them. This is great for the next woman that comes along, but still leaves me alone at night.
    I know we all have our issues (my biggest one is trust), but why is it I can help other people get over their issues and still not get over my own???
    I seem to find the "emotionally unavailable" to "fix" and find them great matches. Unfortunately, I have liked everyone of these guys, but didn't know how to tell them. I seem to be one of the guys and not something more. I'm great at "fixing them" for someone else. Why? I am attractive, smart and independent... that is what every guy says they want, but it seems that they all go for the cute and needy type.
    Is there a point where we just say enough is enough and walk away from the dating world or do I keep fixing these guys for other people???

  • What is your idea of Romance?

    With Valentines Day quickly approaching, I've been thinking about what romance means to people.
    I maybe slightly cynical due to my past relationship with my ex-husband, but I don't need hearts and flowers on one day of the year. I would be happy if the guy remembered to put the toilet seat down and left a post-it saying "We need Milk, Love you".
    Now, would I like it if someone brought me flowers occasionally, sure. Do I expect it, no. I have found the simple things on a day to day basis are more important then making a big deal out of my relationship once a year.
    Am I the only one who thinks like this? Is it wrong to not care about Valentines Day?

  • After posting on a "status" on Facebook that my date for the night had canceled because he was sick I received an email from a guy that I have had a few dates with. (it's only been a month since the first date) The email was "ohhhhhh, I didn't know you were dating anyone else".
    I have been very upfront with the guys that I am dating that I am seeing other people. (I am only dating two guys) I'm not sleeping with any of them and won't until I know that it is a "committed relationship".
    Am I wrong to be dating more then one person at a time? Is there a time frame to commit? What if I'm not sure yet if I'm ready to be with either one of these guys yet?
    Or is it as simple as he over-reacted and needs to relax?

  • How long is too long between contact?

    I have a had a few dates with the same guy. Things seem to be going well we have fun together and laugh a lot, but I don't hear from him for sometimes up to two weeks.
    I am not disillusioned enough to think that he isn't seeing other people. (I still am), but if he was truly interested wouldn't he call?
    We are supposed to be going out this weekend. He was cooking dinner and then we were going to a show. It's two days before the date and I haven't heard from him in 10 days. There has been no time set to meet and he knows I have the tickets. When do I offer the tickets to someone else and just write it off as a growth opportunity?

  • Am I being overly protective of me and my own?

    The more I date the more I realize, I am very protective of me and my space.
    I have an online dating profile with a neighboring town (within 7 miles of me) as my hometown listed. When dating I don't EVER mention my boys names or what they do, nor do I give anyone my last name.
    Is this wrong? Am I being overly protective of me and my space?


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