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  • Three Reasons Every Mom Deserves a Housekeeper

    Reasons Every Mom Deserves a HousekeeperReasons Every Mom Deserves a HousekeeperLike many Circle of Moms members, Sharon C. says her ultimate wish would be "to hire someone to clean my house ." But, she adds: "My hubby says 'NO' and just doesn't want anyone in our home because I should be motivated to clean my own home." She adds, flatly, "Well, I'm not."

    Sharon's situation seems fairly common; in fact in many households where paying someone to do the cleaning is an option, there's often resistance from within. The reasons vary, but the most common are privacy and trust issues, the moral value that we should all (literally) clean up our own messes, and the view that a stay-at-home-parent can manage it all. But if you have kids and you're lucky enough to have the means to hire a housekeeper, Circle of Moms members say you should get over it. Here, they offer three excellent reasons for bringing in some housekeeping help.

    What To Think Before You Hire A Carpet Cleaning Agency

    1. You're overwhelmed by all you juggle

    Working, grocery shopping, caring

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