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  • Power Your Way to Pleasure!

    Sun in Taurus

    It's time to stop and smell the roses -- literally! When the Sun moves into earthy Taurus from April 19 to May 20, life will shift into a lovely, lazy and much more pleasurable phase.

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    Taurus is ruled by Venus, the goddess of love, which surrounds us with beauty and abundance and sensuality. Our senses are awakened to fall in love all over again with the things that make us feel good to look at, touch and taste.

    As the Taurus Sun shines down at the height of spring, we're all encouraged to delight in earthly pleasures. This nurturing of self will ground us, and help us to build strong and practical foundations moving forward.

    Those born from about April 16-22 were born on the Aries-Taurus cusp, and those born from about May 17-23 were born on the Taurus-Gemini cusp. Being born on the cusp simply means that you were born during the

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  • Hey Jelly Bean, What Flavor Are YOU?

    Astrology knows your favorite flavor of jelly beans!

    Everyone loves jelly beans, and today's flavors mimic just about every other food on the planet. So how do you choose which ones appeal to your taste buds? Look to your Sun sign!

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    Based on the elements associated with your sign (Fire, Earth, Air or Water) or its ruling planet, it's possible to make a good astrological guess as to which sweet treat will make you want more. So while we recently advised you not to look for too much of life's meaning in Jelly Beans, you can at least take a peek below to see if we're right about your sign's favorite flavors:

    Aries (March 21 - April 19)

    The Ram is ruled by Mars, who didn't earn his reputation as the red planet just because that's how he looks from Earth. Mars rules adrenaline and all the feelings that accompany that state: assertion, aggression and anger -- basically, "seeing red." So when it comes to flavors Aries natives will enjoy, jellybeans better be hot --

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  • Get a Bigger Tax Refund with Feng Shui!

    Create a low-stress environment for smooth and focused tax preparation!

    When tax time comes around, are you the plan-ahead type, or do you panic at the last minute? Regardless of your approach, Feng Shui can help you create the low-stress environment you need to tackle this important job.

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    Most of us dread buckling down to do what it takes to complete our taxes. It usually requires at least a half a day of gathering all the paperwork and then figuring out the forms or navigating tax software -- not anybody's idea of fun. But it can't be avoided, so the trick is to make your process as smooth, easy and error-free as possible.

    That's where Feng Shui comes in. Your first step in preparing for tax day is to give your home office or desk area a once-over well in advance of the deadline (April 15, 2013). Sort through your stacks of papers, unopened mail or whatever else you've let go. Throw out or give away anything you don't need and make special places for items that tend to get strewn

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  • Watch Your Mouth! Mercury Blasts into Aries

    Watch Your Mouth! Mercury Blasts into Aries

    Watch your mouth! Mercury is moving into always-on-the-go Aries from April 7-23, 2014, so it's time to brace yourself for fast talk and even speedier thoughts!

    Mercury is the sprightly planet that impacts how we think and how we express ourselves. So Mercury in Aries will lift us out of a dreamy daze in how we perceive the world and the people around us. As Mercury transitions from peaceful Pisces to bold and brash Aries, our minds and our words will get less poetic and more action-oriented.

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    Aries is a Fire sign known for being impulsive, so be careful what you say! Comments might come out of your mouth before they're fully formed, giving them a tinge of sarcasm or even an edge of insult -- whether you intend them to or not. And even if we think we know the full impact of our words, there's the danger

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  • Numerology: Are You a Sun Number 4?

    The Varied Personalities of Numbers

    It is 4/4, and you may notice more people taking a "my way or the highway" approach to life. That's because in Numerology, the number 4 is stubborn and no-nonsense.

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    Numbers, like people, are not always as predictable as you might wish them to be. Each of the single-digit numbers has a wide range of qualities, many of them apparently paradoxical, as is the case with people. Some of their qualities are hiding in the wings until circumstances send them to center stage. Some of those qualities are clearly two-faced: one day they show their good side, but the next day their bad side reveals itself.

    When I first became involved in Numerology, I took the descriptions of the meanings of numbers more or less literally. It was all pretty straightforward. Over time, the more I practiced and the more I learned, that picture changed. I no longer thought about numbers as clearly defined and severely limited

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  • Tarot's "Fool" Card is No Dummy!

    Celebrate April Fool's Day by meeting Tarot's most misunderstood Fool

    Here we go again: April Fools' Day is upon us, and everyone is out to make a mockery of their friends and family just for the sheer amusement of it. Though while the origins of April Fools' Day remain uncertain and difficult to trace, we can take this opportunity to explore the history of one of the Tarot deck's most misunderstood characters: The Fool.

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    The Fool card in the Tarot card deck often gets a bum rap. He tends to be mocked as a naive idiot without direction or purpose ... but things aren't always as they seem, right? Let's take a closer look at The Fool and what he can teach us.

    When we think of The Fool Tarot card, we are reminded to let go of expectations and trust our instincts. We think of our spiritual journey and the desire for rebirth. As the very first card in the Tarot deck's Major Arcana, The Fool signifies a fresh start or a new beginning.

    Think of The Fool not so

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  • Flowers of the Zodiac: Take Your Pick

    Learn which flowers to pick for every zodiac sign

    Every zodiac sign rules its own set of characteristics -- colors, gemstones, parts of the body -- and this is true for plants and flowers, too. Everyone can appreciate the beauty of nature, but because each zodiac sign represents a particular energy or style, certain signs will be drawn to different flora and fauna.

    Learn more about your unique personality and patterns now with your complete Astrology Birth Chart! And look up your zodiac sign below to see which fragrant flowers correspond to your sign.

    Aries (March 21 to April 19)

    Honeysuckle, thistle, bryony, peppermint, tiger lily, geranium, hops, impatiens, onions, hollyhock, thorn-bearing trees/shrubs, some firs

    Taurus (April 20 to May 20)

    Rose, poppy, foxglove, daisy, primula, violet, columbine, mallow, berries, sundew, ash, cypress, vine, apple, crab apple, pear, fig, citrus, palms

    Gemini (May 21 to June 20)

    Lily of the valley, lavender, maidenhair fern, myrtle, fern, orchid, chrysanthemum, lilac, azalea,

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  • What's Your Celtic Tree Sign? Find Out!

    Attract the luck of the ancient Irish with your Celtic Astrology!

    What's your Celtic tree sign? What about your Celtic color, animal ... gemstone? Learn all about your Celtic Astrology now!

    For a detailed explanation of your complete Celtic Astrology, plus the meanings behind it all, get a personalized Celtic Astrology Report today.

    While Western Astrology centers around the planet Earth, the 13 signs of Celtic Astrology are based on the cycle of the Moon. Long ago, the Celts imagined the universe as a tree with deep roots and neverending branches. Around 1000 B.C. people began to designate a tree for each Moon phase in the lunar calendar.

    Each Celtic tree sign has different powers and meanings, along with corresponding spirit animals, a color, gemstone, and a Celtic "ogham" -- a symbolic letter of the Celtic alphabet meant to attract luck, protect from harm, and heighten each tree sign's unique powers.

    Look up your birth date on the infographic below to learn about your Celtic sign, and the lucky talismans that come with it. Click the

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  • Should You Beware the Ides of March? No!

    March 15 is only ominous to ancient astrologers and Julius Caesar

    Are you ready for a fun Astrology history lesson on this Ides of March?

    Here we go: Sometime in early March of 44 B.C., an ancient Roman astrologer named Spurinna predicted the death of Julius Caesar. She told him to "Beware the Ides of March" and that he would be in great danger on this day -- March 15, as "ides" is derived from the Latin meaning "to divide" and falls exactly mid-month.

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    As the ancient Greek story by Plutarch goes, Caesar ignored Spurinna's advice because a friend convinced him the astrologer's warnings were superstitious foolishness. He even ran into Spurrina on the way to the Theatre of Pompey on March 15 and told her (sarcastically, no doubt) "The Ideas of March are come." She replied, "Yes, they are come, but they are not past."

    Shortly afterward, Caesar was stabbed to death in the Theatre of Pompey by the Liberatores of the Roman Senate and elite. (Most history

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  • 3.14: It's Easy as Pi

    I don't think I'm the only one whose fantasizing of warm, rich marionberry, apple and cherry crusty, baked goodness ... but I hate to break it to you: it's not "pie" day you've been hearing about, it's "Pi" Day! March 14, or 3/14, is celebrated as "Pi" Day because pi is that infinite mathematical number abbreviated 3.14.

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    And another pattern: This one day of the year that's devoted to math for the masses, also happens to be famous mathematician Albert Einstein's birthday!

    So what makes pi so amazing, anyway? It's one of the most important constants in mathematics, and has been used by number crunchers, scientists and engineers for centuries. Pi is used in a number of mathematical equations to determine things like the overall area of a circle or the volume of a cylindrical shape. While it's only been celebrated as a holiday since the late 1980s, the number pi has been studied and used for thousands of years. Most recently, the

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