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  • Fall Trends: How to Wear Over the Knee Boots

    Don't be afraid to try the season's hottest shoe, over the knee boots.Don't be afraid to try the season's hottest shoe, over the knee boots.

    During the Fall, boots of all styles and heights dominate the world of fashion. Fashionistas everywhere look forward to taking new boots for a spin at the first sign of Fall weather. Who can blame them? There's nothing like a stylish pair of boots to top off a fab outfit! One of the most popular boots this season is the over-the-knee flat boot. They carry all the punch and pizazz of a heeled boot, but they are way more comfortable, and just as stylish. Here are a few tips on how to rock yours this season.

    Pick bold, neutral colors while you're shopping for your over-the-knee boots. With the height of the boot, they will already get enough attention, so you don't want to pair the standout boots with a bright color that will make the boots look cheap or tacky. Stick with beautiful Fall colors, such as camel, grey, hunter green, and navy blue. You can never really go wrong with neutrals, such as black, grey, and tan.

    Pair your boots with a nice fitting pair of skinny jeans. Wear the

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  • Chris Brown has decided to split with girlfriend Karreuche Tran. If you haven't heard of the return of Rihanna and Chris Brown's "friendship" in the last few months, you have obviously been living under a rock. In the latest news surrounding the crazy love story, Chris Brown has broken up with his latest girlfriend Karreuche Tran . This story broke today in US Weekly, although it didn't surprise too many, due to the recent spottings of Chris Brown and Rihanna around town being intimate. Although he stated that he loves her very much, he doesn't want to hurt her with his "friendship" with ex girlfriend Rihanna, who is known for spilling her emotions and love for him any chance she gets. Now that Karreuche is a single woman, there are a few lessons to be learned so as not to find herself in the same toxic situation again.

    If you feel uncomfortable with your man's relationship with his ex, speak up about it. In relationships, you should never have to tolerate anything that makes you feel less important, angry, or sad. Let your guy know that the

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  • What You Wear Could Be Making You Tired

    Natural Ways to Look Less Tired
    Some people regulate their sleeping patterns and eating habits, yet they still feel tired some of the time. Did you ever think that something you may be wearing can be making you feel fatigued? Studies show that comfort and color are factors in clothing that may be making you feel the way you feel.

    It may sound funny, but wearing clothing that is too comfortable can have a negative impact on your mood. When you put on baggy clothing, or clothes that have stretch material, it makes it easier for the body to move into a more relaxed state. This causes bad posture and excessive slouching, which can also strain your joints and muscles while they are trying to get oxygen through your body. All these factors can contribute to overworking your body, and making you feel more exhausted than you may normally feel. When you dress up, your confidence improves, resulting in an improvement in posture. These little changes can contribute to healthier living.

    Color has a major effect on

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  • Ode to the Drunk Dialer/Texter

    Oh, my dearest drunken alter ego! How I despise how you make me feel the morning after. I never quite remember exactly how you arrived, but yet I always reap the consequences, which include guilt, shame, and disappointment, of your presence.

    Why is it you like to call every guy from my past? What do you get out of humiliating me by texting barely understandable messages regarding pitiful sexual advances and propositions, and/or the despicable "Why don't you want me" subliminal pleas? How come everytime you come around, my guard is weakened, and my control transfers back to the no good guys I worked so hard to take the clutch of my heart away from? What are you getting out of this?

    Who sent you? Who's responsible for the silly decisions you make to sleep with that guy from the past just because he's blowing up my phone? What gives you the right to all Mr. Loser back into my life without my permission?

    This just isn't working out. You are bad influence. You come around

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  • Who surrounds You?: Weeding out your Life

    Ever find yourself questioning the actions of one of your girlfriends? Have you ever chatted with one of your other friends about the other one's behavior or comments? A lot of times we find ourselves unpleased with those around us, but we sweep it under the rug as if it's unimportant. It's important that we make sure to associate ourselves with those who actually want to go far in life, and have things in common with us. Befriending someone who doesn't really have ambition and is full of negative qualities will only eventually hold you back indirectly.

    In a sense, you are who surrounds you. The friends you choose to have, although they may not be just like you, will always reflect who you are to others, whether others admit it or not. If you find yourself always sitting around enduring lots of gossip and negative talk about others, this is taking time and energy away from productive things you could be engaging in. Negative energy, although it may not be yours, can be

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  • Are you there, confidence? It's me, self worth

    When things begin to go wrong in our lives, naturally most people begin to worry and doubt themselves. It's extremely easy to fall apart at the sign of chaos, although we try hard not to. Maintaining confidence in times like this is crucial.

    Remember giving up is not an option. When facing trials, know that there is always someone worse off and maintain a brave confident demeanor. You were not built to break, so keep going even when things may seem hopeless. Although it may sound cliche', life really is what you make of it. When you give up, you're not just letting your doubts and insecurities win, you're also displaying a sign of weakness. So put your brave face on, and step back into the game!

    Confidence really is key. In all that you do, some level of confidence is involved, though you may not even realize it most of the time. Confidence dwells in everything from passing a test or landing a job, all the way down to something as simple as walking down the street. You

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  • Dancing with Drama: Stop getting into the ring

    It doesn't matter how hard we try, sometimes it seems inevitable that drama will occur, whether it's originated from our feelings or our exes' feelings towards us. Just when you think you finally have control over your emotions, and can look past all the immature efforts your ex makes to try to get to you, all it takes is the wrong phrase or behavior to put you back at square one. Then boom, the drama begins.

    It may seem obvious, but many don't realize that your ex, especially if it's a long term one, has been the closest to you at some point in your life. The one you shared you dreams, fears, insecurities, and all things personal with. Although you two didn't work out, that person still know what ticks you off, what makes you smile, what makes you sad, and often times, when things aren't going exactly their way, they will use that against you. Most use things like that against their former flame in order to maintain some sense of emotional control. They will say the things

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  • Watch his game system playing style, avoid being played

    While talking to my best friend over the phone this evening, the topic switched to an issue we have dealt with, and know all too well: the difference between boys and men. As a single woman, it is very easy to distinguish between the two. One of the interesting things we began to discuss was how important game systems are to boys. Most of the time, a boy plays his game system frequently, whether it be Xbox 360, Playstation 3, or whatever his game of choice is. Sometimes you can't pull him off the game to save your life!

    The more we talked, the more we began to analyze and use the game playing as symbolism. In conclusion of the conversation, we came to a very interesting theory: how a boy treats his game system is how he treats you, to a certain extent.

    Think about it. Ever notice how a boy adores his game system, especially when he first gets it? The games get his complete, undivided attention, and a scratched video game would absolutely be the death of him, or at least

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  • User post: Who's to blame? Montana Fishburne, Kim Kardashian, and you

    So many people have negative things to say about Montana Fishburne, actor Laurence Fishburne's daughter who recently moved out of her father's home to pursue a porn star career. She stunned the world by saying that she is following in the steps of Kim Kardashian, and using a sex tape to become a celebrity.

    Many automatically lashed out at actor Fishburne, stating that her parents should be more involved in her life, and help her to get back on the right path. Many others jumped to criticize the likes of Kim Kardashian, as well as Paris Hilton for officially making "sleeping your way to the top" a believable dream. The last few days I have thought about this whole ridiculous ideal, and the question that burned up my mind was who is really to blame?

    It's obvious Montana is old enough to make her own decisions about her life, and just chose to make some that aren't that smart, but I've come to the conclusion that not only is Kim Kardashian responsible for this mess, but us

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  • Alicia Keys remains Stylish with Baby Bump

    For some, being pregnant is the most unattractive time a woman can experience. This is not the case for beautiful singer/songwriter Alicia Keys. She seems to be full of glow, beauty, and sensuality as she continues to perform and grace the public eye with her appearance. From the lightening of the hair to the fashion statements she makes during maternity times, she continues to demand the world's attention.

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