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  • Whine

    I just needed somewhere to write down my whine. With this election year coming to an end (and how many will be celebrating on November 7th), it has been trying for those of us who cannot find work and were told even though there is more unemployment benefits--we don't get them. I have spent more times sending out resumes and getting told either overqualified (or I really like this one) I'd be bored. I didn't even get a chance to be bored and I can be underqualified if they want.
    Then there are the sites that want me to go to school--if I cannot get a job at my age now--what makes them think when I'm two years older someone will hire me??? Please, I need something now!! Years of expierence don't count and I don't want to take over anything--I just want a job. I just needed to vent and I am sure there are women and men who feel the same way.
    I'll have more later.