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  • The Best Tips for Success from Top Women in Business

    Hosting this show has been the privilege of a lifetime. Each week we have travelled across America picking the brains of some of the nation's most successful and inspiring women- all with the goal of uncovering the secrets to their success to share with you. Many of us have heard of these women, we have seen the tremendous things they have accomplished and we might even have assumed that they got there by birthright or good luck. While each of these women do have something special what we discovered was that these women are no different to you or I. We are all special and worthy of great success.

    Just like many of us, they weren't always the best at school; many of them came from humble beginnings. Some lost their jobs, husbands and even their struggle with self-esteem every now and then. Yet despite their humanity, or perhaps because of it, they developed strategies to combat life's many obstacles- both internally and externally. It seems no matter how different their industry

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  • Top five film picks for good career advice

    If you're like me, you've often walked out of the movie theatre inspired and ready to take on the world! Be it the boss from hell or the end of the world, watching a female heroine triumph over her seemingly insurmountable obstacles empowers you to feel you can do the same in your own life.

    For inspiring stories of successful women, there's no better motivator than the silver screen. So on this week's Secrets To Your Success, popcorn in hand, I headed to the movies with Associated Press movie critic Christy Lemire, to get her favorite flicks for good female career advice. I know, it's a tough job, but someone's got to do it!


    Movie No. 5- Viola Davis in 'The Help'
    Viola's character, Abilene Clark, navigates an environment of immense bigotry and oppression with the utmost confidence and grace. However, when her cruel and condescending boss takes it too far she finds the strength to finally stand up to her.

    The lesson:

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  • Five Job Interview Mistakes that You Should Avoid Making

    There is only one thing between you and the ULTIMATE job…the dreaded job interview! Wouldn't it be great to know the common mistakes most of us make before the interview, so you could actually avoid them?

    To find out what we're doing wrong, we caught up with Dana Fiser, the Global CEO of Jenny Craig who has been with the company for 20 years and conducted literally hundreds of job interviews at every level of the organization.

    You may be surprised at just how many of these mistakes you're making without even knowing it…

    Mistake #1: Not knowing the company
    Dana believes that one of the biggest let downs is when people arrive at the interview having not fully researched the company they are hoping to work for. These days most companies have a website where you can find out a huge amount about the organization's "DNA"- it's main purpose, products and plans. Failing to do your research leaves the impression that you just don't care enough about the company to do the

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  • How to Pick the Right Boss

    So you've finally got an interview with your potential new boss. Chances are, all your energy is focused on trying to get the job… and the paycheck! But as you walk into the interview, consider asking yourself, "Is this the right boss for me?"

    It may sound like an indulgence to even ask such a question in these unstable economic times, but Nicole Williams, career expert and author of Girl On Top: Your Guide to Turning Dating Rules into Career Success, says that actively picking the right boss for you is more closely tied to career success and income than you may realize.

    I stopped by her beautiful Manhattan apartment (this gal is clearly doing something right!) to get her tips for picking the right boss for you and your future…and most importantly, how to spot the boss from hell!


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  • How to Find the Perfect Mentor

    We hear the word "mentor" thrown around in business all the time. But when it comes to actually finding a mentor to help us on our path to success, most of us are clueless about where to begin.

    Why is it important to have a mentor? How do we know if they will give good advice, or are even interested in giving it? We sat down with Margaret Keene, the Executive Creative Director at Saatchi & Saatchi, who generously shared her tips for finding the right mentor for you.

    "I very much am the product of learning and the wisdom of those around me"- Margaret Keene.

    Why do I even need a mentor?

    Margaret believes that life is too short to figure everything out for yourself. Instead of going it alone, she recommends finding an individual who has come before and achieved what you desire, be it creatively, financially or on a personal level. Learning from them saves you a lot of time and frustration.

    How do I pick the right mentor for me?

    Margaret admits that

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  • 5 Tips on What Makes a Successful Startup

    So you have a great idea for a business and dream of making millions in just a couple of years? Well, thanks to the internet anything is possible! Two women who are living proof of this are Susan Feldman and Alison Pincus, co-founders of exclusive interiors sale site, One Kings Lane. In just three years this dynamic duo have gone from a having a great idea for a business to building a company with an estimated revenue of $200 million. This week on Secrets To Your Success we get their expert tips on how to make your startup company a success. STEP 1: FIND YOUR WHITE SPACE

    Question to ask yourself: What area is lacking?
    Former merchandising executive Susan Feldman noticed that while there were fabulous home furnishing stores selling unique and desirable pieces in Los Angeles, she found the online shopping experience to be incredibly frustrating. Susan identified what she calls "the white space" or the opportunity to present fabulous home products online. From that idea One

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  • Barbara Corcoran Reveals Her Tips on How to Be a Successful Businesswoman

    Many of you may know Barbara Corcoran as the New York real estate mogul who founded The Corcoran Group, a bestselling author and the canny investor on the hit TV show Shark Tank. What you may NOT know about this dynamic woman is that she turned herself from a straight D student into an A-class success story by navigating her own fair share of sharks… one of them being Mr. Donald Trump himself!

    This week on Secrets to Your Success, I head to the Big Apple to get Barbara's tips on how to build your own multi-million dollar company in the sometimes cruel seas of business, without ending up as bait.

    On Shark Tank, Corcoran's role may be to pick which company to invest in, but her real expertise is knowing which PEOPLE to invest in. Before she hires anyone or invests a dollar in a company she asks herself the following questions:

    If they can't, Barbara says they either lack confidence in themselves

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  • Iron Chef Cat Cora Dishes on How to Work Under Pressure

    How Iron Chef Cat Cora went from cozy restaurant in small town Mississippi to the top of the international stage of competitive cooking is as inspiring and unexpected as some of her famous dishes.

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    Born with a Wooden Spoon in Her Mouth
    As a little girl, Cat dreamed of having a restaurant of her own, and felt like the restaurant business was in her DNA since both her grandfather and godfather were restaurateurs. She remembers spending her childhood in the kitchen with her mother and grandmother and developing a passion for cooking from an early age.

    Out of the Frying Pan and into the Fire
    But her soufflé-like rise from aspiring cook to accomplished chef, restaurateur, and co-host of Around the World In 80 Plates was challenging and forced her to develop her own recipe for dealing with high-pressure situations.

    We headed to her home in Santa Barbara where she dished it up…

    Cat's Recipe for Success in Stressful Situations

    Ingredient No.1: Take a Deep Breath & Walk in

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  • How to Find Your Voice and Face Your Fears

    Finding your own voice can be daunting, especially in a world of bullies and bureaucrats. But before you slink into the corner and pretend your opinions and needs don't matter take heed of Senator Nellie Riviera O'Reilly's wise words on how you can speak up for yourself and be heard, no matter what odds you're up against.
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    You may feel disempowered right now but that perceived weakness could actually be your strength if harnessed correctly. Senator Nellie O'Reilly now has the illustrious title of being the U.S. Virgin Island's first female senator and the role of fighting for the rights of others, but she too was once an underdog.

    Raised on the island of St. Croix to Hispanic parents, at the age of 2 she was diagnosed with a congenital heart condition that resulted in her being forced to watch life from the sidelines for much of her childhood. Rather than opting out, it ignited a desire to be more involved in life and to be at the forefront of the

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  • Designer Cortney Novogratz Shares Her Tips on How to Balance Work and Family Life

    Growing a family and a business is never easy, but one woman who seems to have done an extraordinary job of doing both is designer and mother of --count them, SEVEN children -- Cortney Novogratz.

    This week on Secret's To Your Success we headed to her fabulously eclectic New York City home to get the busy working Mom's tried and true tips for balancing a hectic work and home life in style.

    All rights reservedGiving Birth Does Not Equal Career Death
    A great deal of women who want a family put it off or enter into it with the fear that it will spell the end of their professional lives. Cortney explains that the opposite can be true.

    "I feel like you almost get inspired to do more when you have kids...if you have a great career, having kids only inspires you and makes you look at the world differently so you bring something fresh and new to the job."

    Remember: Having a family opens up your mind and heart with new ideas that you can bring to work. It also makes you more capable and organized

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