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  • P90X Results - Transformation 136 Lbs Lost

    281 lbs 145 lbs

    P90X before and after

  • How I Lost 136lbs in a Year and Got a New Life!

    Who would have thought at 40, I would be able to lose 136lbs and be in the best shape of my life? I sure didn't. For over 20 years I had no hope and had given up on trying after years and years of failed attempts, programs that didn't teach me everything I needed, fad diets, fad exercise equipment and programs.

    I wasn't being the mom I wanted to be to my boys and was setting little to no examples of nothing only good heath but to love yourself properly. Life was literally passing me by while I sat wishing for change. Wish was the word...not want. I suppose I wanted it but was fearful of truly trying something that yet again, would fail me or I would fail at. What I now know is I didn't have the tools, knowledge and support that I personally needed for success. I needed to be truly ready to commit to this lifestyle change.

    It wasn't until a humiliating experience happened that I realized how my obesity was not only effecting me but was causing negative consequences to me and my

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