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  • The One He Settled For?

    I got married with the illusion that I would be married forever. I must admit that we did get married kind of fast. I married an old friend and after 3 months of dating and in the so-called honeymoon stage of the relationshio, we decided to get married. Shortly after getting married we moved from our hometown and 8 months into our marriage things began to go south. We were fighting, not getting along and he would tell me that we should go our separate ways, that I should go out and find someone more compatible to spend my life with. But I refused. We both came from divorced parents and I was set on not repeating the pattern, and besides what would other people say? So since I refused to let him go we continued being married and two years into our marriage I got pregnant. I thought our little bundle of joy would help the marriage but it did not. We continued in the lackluster marriage and I totally knew in my mind that he did not want me, but hey I would not be like my divorced parents

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