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  • Life as Teenagers!

    Life as a teenager isn't easy. parents think it is, but really as a teen we are just now learning who we are.
    We do dumb things everyday, and make mistakes but try all the less sometimes were trying becasue we want to be successfull other times it.s for attention dont judge us as a burden or a fail. parents if you think yuor teen's are acting strange lately dont judge them the best you can do is tell them you'll always be there for them. if they need help fr them to know they can always call you. if they tell you something serious dont judge them just tell them you need time to think. and go to your rrom parents are always daying for us to think before we speak well sometimes parents need to do the same thing. most of the time they say something they regret for life! think about it like this if one day you and your son/daughter goti n a fight and that same morning she or you died in a car crash. think before you speak life isn't easy for any one but teens are still learning who they

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