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  • My Mother-in-law Said I Am No Better Than a Maid

    home cleaningI have no problem helping someone if they need help and I have means to do it.

    My in-laws have few rental properties/apartments and when tenants move out I clean the apartment unit so it would be presentable for the next person moving in. Also when the office needs to be cleaned I am always willing do that. And when my mother-in-law asks me to help her clean her house I am always there to assist her.

    My husband Tom, however, is not so happy about that. He believe that my generosity is been taken advantage of because my mother-in-law, Lucy, never asks from other family members to help, just me. He told me I should learn how to say 'no' to people.

    So this weekend my mother-in-law Lucy asked me if I could help her other daughter-in-law, Megan, to clean the house Megan and Lucy's son are about to move into. I said of course I will help, and if they need help moving some of their belongings I will help them to do that too.

    So, when I told my husband that I will be

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  • Life is a b---- , so am I

    In general, do we hate or love police officers? This question popped into my mind when I was cut off by a police car, and than, to my amazement, the officer shyly raised his hand to apologize for his bad mannered behavior. My first reaction included feelings such as "what an a..hole" and "who do you think you are". My initial outburst (it was a mental outburst) turned into though like "so you think you are a police officer and can get a way with this". He is not above the law, even if he enforces it.

    And then a ray of light peeked through the darkness of my thoughts (and my darkening mood) bringing sun shine to all. All right, that might be a bit over exenterating, but I did see a light: light of sirens to be exact. You should have seen me. I had the biggest smile on my face. Ironic satisfaction filled me. I even silently encouraged the police officer to go after the "criminal" and punish him for his wrong doing (although I had no idea what sort of violation the guy

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  • Which song makes you sing along?

    Wrapped into the tight immovable horde of cars this weekend, I choose to escape, and take the back road from the grocery store to my house. I am a 27 year old married woman, no children (if you don't count my two lovable dogs), and I live in a little rural town, population reaching just over 30,000.

    I find that the speed of my car and the volume of the radio to be directly proportional: if one increases, so does the other. However, to my fascination, I was able to add another constant to this formula: my voice.

    Next day upon entering the key into the ignition and starting the car, I was certain that some punk has taken my car for a joy ride (and magically return it to my driveway) since "normal" human species would not survive such violent magnitude of noise. Juggling my memory, I recall that I was singing (or perhaps one could say screaming due to my lack of musical talent) from top of my lungs about how "I wanna be a part of something I don't know, and if you try to hold

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