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  • Shine Supper Club: One Pot Skillet Vegetarian Lasagna

    Skillet Vegetarian Lasagna Recipe | Running BlondeSkillet Vegetarian Lasagna Recipe | Running Blonde

    Happy November from me, Kelly of Running Blonde! Until I came across this skillet vegetarian lasagna recipe, I'd never dreamed of making lasagna on the stovetop. I was surprised and skeptical to see that the noodles don't have to be pre-cooked. I gathered a little faith and followed the recipe directions and sure enough, they cooked perfectly.

    The original recipe is made with ground beef and I made some major modifications to make it vegetarian. The first thing I did was add zucchini and summer squash. The trick to keeping the lasagna from getting too soupy is cooking them seperately and then blotting off the extra moisture before they get added to the dish.

    I also added some fake meat. I've been cooking more with vegan meat subsititutes lately but I have to admit I'm a little torn. Meat substitutes really contribute texture and protein much more than taste. The thing is, there are so many ingredients on the label that sound like toxic chemicals I'm not certain it's really

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