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  • The Single Parent Stigma

    Every time I tell someone that I am a single parent, I notice the averted gaze, the look of pity and the insinuation that I am spreading some sort of single parent virus with every conversation. It seems that several assumptions are made-it is my fault that I am a single parent…clearly I didn't work hard enough to make the marriage work; I am living in poverty since I couldn't possibly survive on one income; my kid is miserable and unhappy with only one parent. In reality, I am lucky that I am able to make it on one income, my ex-husband is very involved in my son's life, and my son is very happy, especially since my ex comes to see him nearly every day. While many of these reactions and assumptions do not surprise me in my personal life, they do surprise me as an entrepreneur trying to run a business focused on single parents.

    Promoting the website,, has been a challenge from the beginning-calls to potential advertisers weren't returned, or I got the

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