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  • In the Beginning..

    I have published my first book, Guardians of Sheol. Throughout the story there are spiritual undertones based on my faith. Guardians was not written to cram religion down the reader's throat, but rather, to produce a story with a compelling plot that reflected moral values held by people of many faiths.

    The protagonists and the antagonists in the story are not "evil or good" based upon their religious beliefs, but upon their moral character. If one chooses to follow an evil heart, no belief system will make him moral, and conversely, one who is guided by a pure heart will live morally regardless of their spirituality.

    Do not misunderstand me regarding our relationship with our creator. I strongly believe the path is narrow and few there are that enter into His glory, and broad is the road that leads to destruction, but this truth has little direct correlation to moral behavior toward your fellow man. Almost all of us have known moral athiests and immoral

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