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  • The Kevin Jackson Show

    The Kevin Jackson Show is now on every wednesday from 3 to pm pst on
    A show dedicated to music politics and mayhem. So far we've introduced some great music to the world.
    The worldwide debut of the hot single from kevin jackson (American dream) the fan favorite of (Beautiful) and the hauntingly piano driven *(All for Nothing). The kevin Jackson show, plays a mix of indie artist like Candallin who's song (Wasted space) was debut on the show, as well as (Dance) by Genevieve Victoria.
    With a growing world wide audience, The Kevin Jackson show, Will be a very influential voice for years to come

  • No autotune please

    Well i can't give a release date for the cd tragically beautiful, all i can say er that it's still being recorded.

    But after listening to hit radio lol, it's become more than unbearable to listen to every song sounding a like, with the over used, annoying sound of the autotune effect on every song. So i'm making a promise not to use it on any of the songs for this cd. It would be the easy way to get radio station managers to play the music, but on behalf of all of the fans of musicians and actual musicians, no autotune please...

  • music update

    It's been almost forever, but forever is not the end. Please be patient, the cd will be complete by the years end. I've read the reviews, i've heard the all of the talk, the songs will speak for themselves.

  • Now the music starts

    American dream, the first single released from the debut cd, no way home from ametai, is doing well on itunes and, for all of those who supported the single thank you. The tracks for the cd are nearly completed, and i think you'll really enjoy it. Don't forget to sign the guess book at for your chance to recieve an advance copy of "no way home". and get ready for the tour starting in mid 2010 in los angeles, untill then peace and music.

  • Trudging slowly in to the next year

    2010 will be the year of the release of the debut cd NO WAY HOME, from AMETAI. the songs are done, the music ready, and the shows will begin. Whiskey bar will probably be the first stop, checkout, for further updates.

  • Let the music speak

    The songs are done, let the recording begin

  • mtv . vmas

    What a great night for music, kanye west's antics aside, russel brand rocked, green day rocked, beyonce rocked, and janet held her own. Please mtv leave the shows alone, and get back to the music.