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  • On December 30th, I went to a food demo at Café Fiorello featuring the traditional Italian soup, Cotechino and Lenticchie, that is eaten on New Year's Eve for prosperity and good luck. Café Fiorello's executive chef Raffaele Solinas demonstrated how to make the meal and handed out samples to passersby.

    I took a friend along with me and both of us enjoyed the soup immensely. Let's just say that black eyed peas are no longer my favorite bean for the New Year. Although the beans were flavorful, it was the sausage that I couldn't get enough of. I told Chef Solinas that finding the correct sausage is always the most challenging part for me in replicating recipes after attending a a special food event. I then asked where he bought his sausage. "I made it," he replied…"I'll send you the recipe." (See that's why I love chefs so much - their generosity of spirit.)

    cafe fiorello

    Although I wasn't able to get the recipe in time for the new year, Chef Solinas was kind enough to send it to me. Now I

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  • Since "Manage Debt" and "Save Money" are two consistently popular New Year's Resolutions according to the USA government, I wanted to share how my family goes about making our financial goals for the year.

    1. First, we sit down and evaluate how the prior year went financially. Although early 2010 threw about $10,000 in unexpected costs our way in the first couple of months, we were able to pay off everything - primarily by me increasing my income through camp and paid social media work. Yes!

    2. Next, we try to plan for the things that we know that we want and/or need in the new year.
    There are a few things that we have budgeted ahead of time in addition to our normal monthly expenses (bills, tithes, etc.) for 2011:

    -Family travel: I am going to a Disney Social Media Moms conference in March. The great thing about this conference is that while I learn, my family can enjoy The Parks. With the conference cost, air travel for the four of us, etc., we knew that we had to put aside a

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