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  • "Anything but Ordinary, Please!": Being You!

    Do you every notice that you are more "you" around certain people? There are people who know me as well if not better than I know myself. Those who get my humor, with all its' sarcasm and dryness. Those who understand that if a Hallmark Christmas commercial comes on television, I will, without fail, dissolve into a puddle of tears. Those who know all my weird quirks and eccentricities, (from detesting the color purple to being terrified of spiders and weenie dogs) and find them charming and adorable, not at all annoying and stupid…..those are the people I want to spend my time with.

    There are times when I quip off something quite funny and sarcastic and get nothing but a blank stare and crickets chirping. I'm laughing like a crazy person on the inside, not only because what I just said was worthy of a Comedy Central special, but because the person I'm talking to is just so completely oblivious to the humor. Those are not the people I invite to my birthday party.

    How much

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