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  • MY FRIEND and ME

    Well today is october 7th the last day of the itallion fest. me and my friend decided to take a walk
    down town to check it out there were several bands playing at different locations and there of
    course was lots of venders food venders mostly. we walked up and down the streets. then as i was
    getting my free refill inside mcdonalds i turned around and my friend was gone. well i left and he was
    standing outside listening to this band playing. so we walked over and listen to this band who was called
    the bronx wonderers. my friend was really enjoying him self he was toe tapping and clapping along with
    every one else. my friend never displays any emotion in public, but for the time we were there he was
    happy and content, noting else mattered at that point every one there young and old were enjoying
    the music and most of them dancing where ever they could find the space. my friend even gave me a
    twirl around. boy that felt good just to be. most people were just wondering what song

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    well here i am agin. since i last wrote i had a heart attack.....this turned my world upside down. i have tests
    and dr. visists ahead of me. it scared me because it was so painful. i just wanted to live to be 80 or older
    but that is not going to happen. i feel scared and feel the rug has been pulled out from under me. i was
    given a death sentence. when i cant afford medical insurance after working a life time because they raise
    the rates so high it is unaffordable, and i cant afford long term care for heart diease. so if your not whealthy
    or if you cant afford the high price medical insurance. well your life is going to be much shorter and there
    is nothing you can do about it. i feel i have been cheated out of life. which i enjoy so much..i just have 6
    feet under to look forward to. i am depressed and under standably so, i wish i could here i love you from
    my dear friend but nothing even if it makes me feel better he wont say those magic words. what does that
    say about me and

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    A troubled life...we all have one in. it is getting through it all so you can see light at the end of the is n never giving up when things are at there worst. it is saying i am worth it all. and i want to find out what is on
    the other side. it is not all work there are a lot of days that go perfectly well. rain
    or shine i enjoy what mother nature dishes out.i mean you really need to stop and smell the roses and enjoy walking in the sunshine or skipping through a puddle of water.who cares about all the other stuff
    in life. if you worry about things in a materal way well i guess you will never enjoy what life is really about.
    a life wasted is just that. wasted.i guess thats why i am so happy and easy going because i finally made
    it to the other side.and im loving it. i once was a materal girl and now i am not. i am free to see the world
    and travel with no there is so much to see. and no matter how much we see and enjoy
    life/ our life is a small one and a

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  • Politics You Just Cant Win

    well another election year is upon us. and the politics are the same as years past. they prommise the same
    thing as past presidents but nothing ever gets done.if they are so great and are so worried about the
    american people why do they fight each other and waste time and money when they should be united
    togather in coming up with solutions for the american people who are the ones who are suffering.instead
    they are to busy trying to win and say its my way or the high way. i dont believe in our system any more it
    is to corrupt and has to many problems now. to many for one man one president to solve. all the problems
    we have go way back we just keep adding on and expect one man to solve a life time of problems. it just cant be done. i dont care who you vote for .

  • A tribute to my father

    this is a very special fathers day gift frome me to my dad. my father is terminaly ill and this is my trubute to him. my father who was always there for us when we were kids and tought us many lessons in life. he
    stood out among fathers when i was young he not only worked hard for us but took us to exciting places
    one place was the mountains we would all gather up in our old car and head out with dad at the wheel and
    my mom in the passenger seat we would stop along a creek and we would jump in mind you we were 5 yrs young.and we would swim aginst the small current and thats how we learned to swim.he was very patient
    with us kids and never loved one of us more then the other. he would take us to a macy thanksgiving
    parade in ca.the ballons were hudge it was wonderfull. it was the only time in california that i remember
    that macy had a thanksgiving parade just like new york.i am strong because of him i never gave up on my
    self or life no matter how hard things got. my father was

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  • what does a man look for in a woman?

    what does a guy look for in a woman? i do not no if you are a guy send me a post. is it wisdom or beautyor maybe a combination of things/ what does a guy look for? i think if you are your self that should be enough.
    am i wrong?or do you have to be big chested before you are noticed with a barbie like shape? does looks
    make the connection? or does being average make a connection?my best friend allows me to be me but i
    read blogs about relationships among other things and i here about how wemon seem to be confused
    about guys and they start feeling bad about them self. so i am curious to every male out there what do
    you look for? or do you want to keep the other femals guessing and the cat and mouse games begin.

  • youth=sex old=put aside?

    well i thought i would talk about what ever one always thinks at one time or another(affairs)most affairs happen when you get older and the guy needs to feel young still even tho he is what do guys achieve bbuy this? one thing for sure it hurts to think you have to be young and youthful to be sexy appealing to a guy.but i know that i am better then all those fast flings or affairs. i think very highly of my self and i like who i
    am but it is strange when people say one thing and do another.there is more to me then a piece of tail.
    why do i here about these things all the guys think they can play us? if you are dumb and needy
    you might end up in that situation.i say be confident about yourself and your decisions. youth is not that great
    your young you have no money and your stupid because you have not experienced any thing yet.not
    that great. older people have more to offer so have faith in yourself and the person you are with.if some
    thing happens well it is time

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    today was easter and even at my age i still feel blessed. i have my better half david and he is a blessing
    indeed. he has been sick latly but today the sun came out and there was no wind just the peace and quiet we all long for at some time in our life..david and myself took a walk and it was beautifull with the sun setting
    and the crickets singing and the birds flying above it was special because we cared enough to make not just today but everyday special.sometimes you just dont go up and tell a person how lucky they are to have the
    other one you just know...blessings come in many forms you just have to open your eyes to see the
    blessings....take time out to laugh and have fun even if it is a simple walk and dinner make it special give that
    some one a hug today. heaven knows we all need one from time to time..well happy easter every one

  • your wisdom

    your wisdom wow in a relationship wisdom can mean learning from your mistakes which we all make to becoming frustrated with the other person because you dont want to try to see life through some one elses
    eyes.if we try to see some one elses point of view we can learn from others, because you never stop learning,and we learn a little bit more each day. the problem is that we tend to take each day for granted
    and assume it is going to be the same that there is nothing more to learn, i believe that thought alonecloses your mind to new things that happen during a day, for instence a deer taking a walk in your back yard or a
    rabbit crossing the street. these are things that are every day or almost everyday happenings in a small town,
    but in a big city you never see this, it is rush rush and money that is what a big city is to me,now wisdom
    over all sucks i ask my self is there such a thing as a wise person or persons? i have not heard of any
    latley. for instence our leaders boy what

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  • getting older

    well its that time in my life where everything makes since but trying to understand it all you come to find out
    nothing makes since. i guess when you get to a certain age you start doing crazy things agin. they call it
    mid life crisses. i call it trying to grab as much of life while you still can before you kick the bucket.
    i guess we do stupid things because we still want to be hip and young and doing stupid and crazy things
    makes us feel we are still part of the crowd. we are not put out to pasture as of yet.i guess in some ways
    you never grow will always remain young but the age and the wrinkles tell people who view us
    that we are old.but we remain young at heart. so dont judge a person on there looks but who they are.
    if our bodys continued to always look young but we are not nobody would ever look at us differently then who
    we are. but because our body ages with time people treat us differently from who we are.why i ask i am old

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