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  • Ripple of Kindness-How to Decide?

    This month I had the fortunate opportunity to participate in Yahoo's Ripple of Kindness Program. I was given $100 to spread kindness this holiday season and hopefully encourage a ripple effect. I was very honored and excited to participate in this program, although I found it hard to decide how best to utilize this generous gift.

    Various ideas went through my head like buying a cup of coffee for a stranger at Starbucks, purchasing stamps for the next patron in line at the post office, donating a warm coat to a local clothing drive, providing a microfinance loan through Kiva or buying Target gift cards and randomly passing them out to people as the entered the store, but I couldn't decide.

    I grappled with trying to do something for the sake of being kind and doing something that would really help a person in need. Would buying a cup of coffee for a stranger in my affluent suburb really make a difference? Or would giving money to a charitable organization be a better way to

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  • Pizza and Cocktails--Ingredients for Fun!

    Planning dinners for a family of six can be a challenge. To help make meal time more fun, our family started the tradition of Friday Pizza and Cocktails Night.

    This special night starts with pre-made dough from Trader Joe's and a variety of toppings. Our kids love rolling out the dough and creating their own culinary masterpieces. Gone are the day of whining about too much sauce, cheese or pepperoni. Everyone makes exactly what he or she wants.

    In addition to homemade pizza, my husband tries out a new specialty cocktail each week or creates his own. My favorite is the Kristini--a raspberry martini named after me. Our kids also get their own kiddie cocktails served in fancy glasses. They enjoy Roy Rogers or Shirley Temples loaded with cherries. It is the one time during the week that they are allowed soft drinks and they love it.

    Friday Pizza and Cocktails Night is something the whole family looks forward to each week. It provides us an opportunity to cook

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