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  • Third Shift Slump

    Full moon in Wyoming.

    I've always been kind of a night owl so working third shift has been a great fit for me. Still, I find myself missing the daylight. How do you deal with the absence of sun?

    Here are a few things I am trying:

    - Going for a walk and spending time outdoors while the sun is still up
    -Taking vitamin D
    - Keeping lots of lights on at night

    How else can a third shifter keep themselves cheery?

  • Post College Plateau

    I've been stuck in the post college plateau for 3 years. I'm a 4-year university graduate working in a factory and not pursuing my dreams. So what should I do?

    Keep pursuing my dream even though my chance for success is slim?

    Find another dream?

    Go to graduate school? Law school?

    Accept my current situation and make the best of it?

    I'm not the only one out there. My generation went to college. We were handed our education, but left to fight for the jobs.

    How are you dealing with the post college plateau?

  • User Post: Learn how to live on less

    Everyone is stressed about money. But instead of always worrying about how to make more, I always try to remind people that they have a second option: learn how to live on less. I'd like to share what I have learned along the way and also hear what others do to make ends meet. I know not everyone has the option to sacrifice what I do, but it's still a good reminder that money isn't everything.

    1. Not every person needs their own 4 wheeled vehicle. Some people even own 2 or more! It's kind of a waste of money and resources. Try public transportation, car pooling, or if you live in a warm climate like me, get yourself a little two wheeled scooter or motorcycle.

    2. Share the rent and bills with a roommate. Living on your own is so incredibly expensive. I just imagine how large families in other countries will often share one room with no running water, I can share an entire apartment with one other person.

    3. Instead of cable try Netflix and Hulu. Many network stations will post their

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