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  • Dealing with an unruly mane? Join the club. Limp locks, fine hair, brittleness and extreme damage are challenges many women face.

    Fortunately there are a variety of treatments, tips, and tricks you can employ to tame the hair demon that’s currently getting you down. Below we've outlined three common hair frustrations along with solutions to address them.

    Extreme Damage
    Let's be honest for a second. We put our hair through some serious turmoil, which leads to split ends, brittleness and breakage. Daily styling routines and exposure to environmental factors such as dry or smoggy air cause a moderate amount of damage.

    Some women are dealing with more extreme damage, however, caused by over-processing with color or chemical treatments, or excessive use of heat tools, such as wands, flat irons, or blow-dryers.

    One way to turn around seriously damaged hair is to seek out products that specifically target brittle shafts and split ends. Total Repair Extreme from L’Oréal Paris is a series of

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  • From a frizzed out mane to hair color that fades after only a few washes, getting the hair you want can be an impossible goal. Know this, though: even the richest and most beautiful celebrities deal with bad hair days and common hair conundrums.

    The key to an enviable coiffure, ladies, is treating your hair with respect and reserving a small portion of time to hair maintenance every single day. You can begin by keeping an arsenal of hair products in your home. Both store bought and DIY home remedies will work depending on your needs.

    Below are three of the most common hair problems everyday women face along with their corresponding fixes.

    Brittle and Breaking
    Whether you have thick, coarse hair or the fine, straight variety, hair breakage is a very common problem. The biggest culprits? Heating products and lack of moisture. To prevent dry and brittle hair, use ultra moisturizing shampoo and conditioners. Products from L'Oreal's Advanced Haircare line (Triple Resist) are an

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  • Even extremely overworked and unmanageable hair can become smooth and shiny with the right hair care routine.

    Smooth, shiny, and glossy hair can be yours with the right hair care regimen! If you're tired of dealing with frizzy hair and uncontrollable strands, you'll need to start using a set of targeted hair care products and tweak your daily routine. Keratin-infused products are especially beneficial for maintaining that ultra-polished look, and for keeping frizz at bay. Even extremely overworked and unmanageable hair can become smooth and shiny with the right hair care routine.

    Use these six steps to smooth your locks and maintain soft and shiny hair:

    Step 1: Use a protein-infused shampoo and conditioner. You'll need to strengthen your strands with a protein-infused shampoo and conditioner so make sure you're using a formulation that contains protein and natural oils. An oil and protein formula can be especially powerful because it helps to smooth out broken or rough strands, and also softens the hair. Use these products regularly to maintain super-smooth locks.

    Step 2: Air dry

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  • Maintain shiny and lustrous hair with the right hair care regimen.

    If you're yearning for shiny and glossy hair, pay close attention to your hair care regimen. Using products that hydrate and nourish the hair with proteins and moisturizing compounds can help you maintain shiny and lustrous hair all season long. If your hair is dehydrated or frizzy because of excessive washing, overusing heated styling tools, or an unhealthy diet, you'll need to take extra steps to restore moisture.

    Here are some ways to moisturize your locks for super-shiny hair:

    Use a hydrating shampoo and conditioner. One of the best ways to maintain soft and shiny hair is to use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. These products contain compounds that can protect the hair fibers and infuse strands with proteins and moisturizing ingredients to strengthen the strands. Use these products regularly to boost moisture and maintain super-shiny hair.

    Don't wash hair in hot water.
    Taking a hot bath or shower or regularly will zap your skin and scalp of natural moisture. You needRead More »from Moisturize Your Locks for Super-Shiny Hair
  • Shampoo, rinse, repeat -- and fade. It never fails; your glorious, color-treated hair goes from shiny to dull after a few weeks. If you're not careful, you'll be back in your hair stylist's chair before your regular appointment, ready to plunk down a chunk of change for a redo. With a few tweaks to your haircare regimen, you can prolong that gorgeous hair color, keeping it looking vibrant and shiny longer, without frequent visits to the beauty shop.

    Limit your washes, ladies. Who doesn't like drowning the day away under a warm shower for at least 10 minutes? Getting your hair wet frequently, like daily hair washings or swimming in the pool, can suck the life right out of your hair. If you want to keep color vibrant you'll have to limit the water. Try washing your hair every other day and wearing a swim cap for the pool.

    Protect your hair from sun. I'm a true believer in slathering on the sunscreen. Those ugly age spots seem to run in my family and I'm determined to avoid

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  • Sock bun tutorial.We've all stood in front of a mirror, horrified at the mop of hair staring back at us. This could take place 15 minutes before you have to run out the door or even be one of those days where you have plenty of time, but your hair refuses to cooperate.

    No matter the situation -- and no matter how unruly your mane -- know that it is possible to walk away from the mirror with hair that's worthy of compliments.

    Detailed below are three easy hairstyles to try. The best part? They can all be created in under three minutes each, giving you ample time to make up that pretty face of yours and leave the house without feeling flustered or pressed for time.

    Dressed Up Pony
    When you're really in a pickle, resort to the basics: a ponytail. If you want to make an impact, though, refrain from sweeping hair up into your standard pony. Instead, dress it up a little bit.

    To begin, apply a dime-sized amount of hair serum to your fingers and massage through your hair from root to tip. Try L'Oreal's

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  • Protect your hair from heat damage.

    As a whole, women are not too kind to their hair. Straightening, curling, coloring and styling can all cause major harm. Instead of repairing your hair after the damage has been done, take precautionary steps and protect your locks from getting that way in the first place. Here are five types of common hair damage and how to protect against them.

    1. Heat Styling Damage

    Whether you're a curly-haired gal who wrestles the hair straightener daily, or have stick-straight hair that needs the assistance of a curling iron, heated styling tools are awful on your strands. Give your hair a break by limiting the use of curling irons and straighteners to two or three days per week. Turn down the heat setting to further protect your hair from being seared. Apply a heat-protectant to your hair before using a hot tool, and use a restorative dry oil in-between to seal in moisture and prevent dry locks.

    2. Color Damage

    If you color or highlight your mane, you're no stranger to damage. Chemical

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  • Salmon is loaded with Omega-3 fatty acids, which help keep hair hydrated and touchable.

    One of the first things people notice about us is our hair. It's also one our top priorities when we want to make ourselves look and feel good. But maintaining beautiful and healthy hair takes more than just 20 minutes each morning. Healthy hair results from a combination of things, which not only include the products we use , but the foods we eat as well. Maintaining a healthy diet impacts the health, strength and luster of our hair.

    Omega-3 Fatty Acids

    We hear a lot about Omega-3 these days, and for good reason. Fish like salmon and trout, as well as pumpkins seeds, walnuts and avocados, provide this golden nectar to cells throughout our body to lubricate and hydrate. The importance it plays for our hair is to keep it shiny and hydrated, and free from breakage caused by dryness.

    To complement your diet for hydrated hair, L'Oreal's Power Moisture with Hyaluronic shampoo and conditioner provides 10 times hydration for ultimate softness.


    A zinc deficiency can lead

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  • Repair your winter-ravaged hair.

    Winter hates my hair. I'm sure it's nothing personal, but come February, my hair looks and feels like a straw broom. Blasting the heater and wearing hats every day doesn't produce lustrous, silky locks. All those holiday splurges like highlights, lowlights and daily flat iron sessions can cause serious dryness and damage. Now that the wintry weather is coming to a close, heal your hair and add shine with good hairstyling techniques and quality hair products.

    Go Free

    Most of us tend to use the blow dryer just a teensy bit more in winter. Okay, a lot more. With warmer weather on the way, it's the perfect time to set your hair free from heated accessories. Update your look and select a low maintenance hairstyle you can wear naturally, without added waves or straightening. If you can't pry the blow dryer out of your hands, pop on a diffuser and give your hair a rest from direct heat. Diffusers work wonders on hair that needs some added volume.

    Get scientific

    Celebrate the

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  • In Love with L’Oreal Paris New Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream

    I've lived in Florida my whole life, and the sun has taken a toll on my skin. When I was asked to try and review L'Oreal Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream, I jumped at the chance, because this is a product I've been thinking about buying anyway.

    What it Conceals and Reveals

    I used the number 814 Medium tone. The 1-ounce tube of product has a super-fine applicator tip, which made it extremely easy to apply small amounts of cream to a specific trouble spot, which for me is directly under my eyes and around my nose. I've been treating melasma (dark skin pigmentation) under my eyes for the past few months, and the skin tone is still uneven, with the added problem of being dry and easily irritated. Typically, I use a vitamin E moisturizer before applying corrector and then try to blend it into my foundation -- a time-consuming process that's both messy and inconvenient.

    The L'Oreal Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream takes care of that problem easily because it combines the pigment with

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