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  • Feather Earlace Trend

    Popularized by Rihanna, the earlace has been a highly sought after trend ever since the pop diva graced the Big Apple with the chain earring-necklace combination. The earlace trend has fused with with the feather fetish that has been hot on the fashion scene since last Spring. Ranging from boho chic to urban flair, feather earrings and necklaces have been an on-going trend that is set to continue throughout the summer. Feather earlaces have been one of the best fusions of feather earrings and necklaces and this Spring/Summer the feather earlace has transformed yet again with the addition of beads in either the same or complementing colors of the feathers. LA NY Couture boasts one of the largest selection of earlaces online with the best prices. From cheetah prints and peacock feathers to multicolor feathers and beads there's something for every diva to choose from. Even if you like the trend but want to stick to the basics, there's plain black or white feather earlaces in different

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  • Feather Necklaces for Fall

    We love feathers! Feather jewelry is undoubtedly one of 2011's hottest trend. From feather earrings to earlaces, rings and necklaces, feather has been spotted everywhere this year. This season's feathers are larger, bolder and more overstated and LA NY Couture has the latest feather necklaces to prove it! Check out the feather bib necklaces in an assortment of colors!
    Feather Bib Necklace-TurquoiseFeather Bib Necklace-Turquoise

  • Blinged to the Bone! When it comes to your fashion jewelry, does size really matter?

    I love wearing the Mustard Yellow Bone Necklace set with my black and white stripe cotton tee from J. Crew. Although wearing red accessories with black and white has become somewhat of a fashion staple these days I love the burst of color the yellow adds to a plain tee and also the added drama that a chunky piece adds to any outfit.

    Bone Necklace with Matching Drop Bone Earrings in Mustard Yellow.Mustard Yellow Bone Necklace SetBut how big is too big? I have recently been hearing a lot of talk that women with small bone structures should not wear large accessories. I tend to notice that the small women that I know stick to this rule very well with only one or two who love all types of flashy jewelry so much that size does not matter to them.

    Personally speaking I do not think you need to follow a bone structure rule to wear statement fashion jewelry. Most runway models are usually rail thin and they can still pull off monster-sized accessories with ease. Now of course, if you are a petite person I wouldn't recommend wearing so many oversized accessories at once that you look like

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  • Jewelry from the Wild

    Fall is officially here. This is not news but I am one of those people who refuses to acknowledge the season change until September 21 when technically fall begins. But judging from the lower temps felt today if you haven't put much thought into your fall wardrobe as of yet you may be a tad bit late. Fall is an exciting time of year for fashion. Personally, it is one of my favorites because there are just so many textures and patterns and styles to play with that you may not necessarily get away with any other time of year.

    Some of the hottest trends this fall include animal prints and feathers. Feathers were also hot for the summer and it is great to see that they have sustained as a fashion staple for the fall. Animal prints and feathers, however, are not just for items of clothing. You can also implement these styles in your jewelry. This is one of the best ways of experimenting with prints and feathered elements in your wardrobe. You don't need to look like you dragged something

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