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  • Godly Vs Worldly Philosophies on Love 2

    Everything and everybody needs love in this society. Love, if you notice makes you do insane things. It's something about love that has a close connection to whom and what we are... We identify with love in such a compassionate and kind manner to the point it feels like second nature to us. We do not like to see or hear of something or someone feeling incomplete or lacking. We always have the desire to want to extend kindness and compassion to others in hopes that we may assistant them in feeling a sense of peace. God defines Love as patient, kind, compassionate, not envious, not jealous, not slanderous, not judgmental, not boastful, not rude, not proud, not self-seeking, love is not easily angered, love keeps no record of wrong, love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth, love is always protecting, always trusting, always hopeful, always perseveres (e.g. endure) and Love never fails. Society's dictation of love to us is not even remotely as close as Gods' dictation of

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  • The Value of Opinions!

    Valuing a persons' opinion; how far is too far when you no longer listen to yourself?...

    In our time of despair we tend to require the advice (e.g. opinion) of a friend or love one. But does their opinion become the determining factor for our life choices? We are apt to convince ourselves that another opinion is necessary when the choice we have to make is extremely grave for our immediate or long-term outcome.

    How often have we felt that the given advice we received, we weren't quite in agreement with its message. Although our friends and loved are only attempting to ease our minds with soothing words and cheerful advise, their judgment is not always the best choice for us. Although we appreciate their opinion on the situation, ultimately we are left to live our life's with their suggested choice (e.g. advice).

    Most of the time which is more frequent then others, we only want to vent on the situation; not necessarily obtain a full opinion on what we already know within

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  • The Love of Two Sisters!

    My older sister and I once had an inseparable relationship when she and I were young little girls...

    She was the Yin to my Yang. We had a few similarities such as we had the same humor. We even had the same taste in boys. There was a boy who lived a house down from us who was both our boyfriend at naturally different times in our elementary school life. We were like the three Musketeers. That same boy and I married some 20 years later and died in a Trucking accident two years ago. However, we both like to dance and love listening to music. We loved performing on stage and we both liked weird types of personalities. Also, we both like the under-dogs at school not the popular kids. We both embrace individuality.

    I enjoyed me and my older sister attending the same elementary school. This way I could ensure that no one would bully her. I began obtaining a reputation after a few encounters of kids' endeavors to bully me. Later my sister mentioned how she would become nervous of

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  • GAYism!

    Everything is not in black and white...has it ever been?...

    A new fad has taken shape front and center in this place we call, world. To each his own, this goes without saying. However, now we are to except this behavior of like genders marrying and exploring one another. Who we choose as a life partner is in no doubt our freewill. How we choose to live with that partner is in no doubt our freewill. So must we become engulfed with all the details of ones personal life choices?

    Yes, to each his own; nor do some of us choose to judge however why must we become exposed to the love life of those who have chosen a lifestyle with the same gender? The lifestyle of like genders are always all to enthused with exhibiting their lifestyle for all the world to see. Something's should remain private where the world couldn't possibly delve into. Who we lay beside every night is of no ones business.

    Straight lifestyles have been displayed only due to it's consideration of betraying

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