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  • Are Placenta Pills a Miracle Cure or Just a Scam?

    ThinkstockAfter Julia Rodriguez gave birth to her twins via cesarean section 18 months ago, her body was swollen and she had to go on medication for high blood pressure. "When I got home, I looked like an elephant," she admits.

    The medication and compression socks weren't working. She couldn't fit into any of her shoes. Then she began consuming pills made from her dried-up placenta, prepared by her doula.

    "As soon as I began taking the placenta pills, everything went back to normal really fast." Rodriguez, 42, tells Yahoo Shine. "My energy was there. It was pretty amazing." Even her sister was shocked at the transformation in just a week.

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    "Everyone was commenting on how good I looked," says Rodriguez. She was soon able to quit her blood pressure medicine, and says the pills helped with postpartum depression and even eased the hot flashes that came on a few months later.

    The pills "look earthy," she says, but

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  • What's the Perfect Age? If You're a Woman, It's 53

    They say you can't go back, but most women wouldn't want to anyway.

    In an era of Botox, stars who appear to never age, and what feels like constant pressure to be young, the 2,242 women surveyed by Harris Interactive report their perfect age is actually 53.

    That's not surprising, according to New York City psychotherapist Robi Ludwig. "This is really developmentally the time of life that women plug into themselves and respect themselves, listen to their own voice, and develop their own voice, so it makes perfect sense that they would really feel good, because they're doing that," she tells Yahoo Shine.

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    With age comes wisdom, she says. "Women in their 20s today are still very much young-minded…They almost see themselves as kidlike. As they're into their 30s, they're beginning to make more adult choices that will serve as the foundation [of the future], but there's still a bit of wanting to please parents, wanting to please bosses, be

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  • Melt-y Grilled Cheese – with a Twist – for Spring

    Little Muenster's grilled cheeseThere's nothing better than a gooey grilled cheese sandwich. But now that it's warming up, you're probably craving less comfort food -- and something that tastes a little lighter for spring.

    Adam Schneider and Vanessa Palazio, co-owners of Little Muenster in Manhattan and Brooklyn, share their sandwich recipe with a twist (gruyere cheese! pickled onions!) with Yahoo! Shine.

    The dish is "interactive and easy for even kids to do," Schneider tells Shine. (He and Palazio will be whipping up thousands over the weekend at Brooklyn's second annual Great GoogaMooga food and music festival, which attracted 40,000 people last year. Over Friday to Sunday, the festival, held in sprawling Prospect Park, will feature food from 85 New York restaurants, hundreds of specially curated wines, beers, and cocktails, and performances by bands like The Darkness, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and The Flaming Lips.)

    Recipe: A great summer salad

    The best thing: "In a half hour, you have a really good tasting grilled cheese."

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  • 'Property Brothers:' Behind the Scenes

    Jonathan and Drew ScottThe recent allegations that "House Hunters" is fake got us thinking about the other show we're mildly obsessed with on HGTV, "Property Brothers." It features people who buy a fixer-upper and renovate it into their dream home with the help of twins Jonathan (the contractor) and Drew (the real estate agent) Scott.

    The guys, 34, laugh off the idea that the show isn't real. "Everything is genuine, and we keep it nice and transparent," Jonathan tells Yahoo! Shine.

    "We've had people watch the show and go on fact-finding missions," he adds. "Every home is on the MLS or for sale by owner. You can go online and search, unlike some of these other shows showing houses that aren't even for sale." (One subject who appeared on "House Hunters" wrote on a blog, "You have to already own the house that gets picked at the end of the show.")

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    "It's so real, Drew doesn't even have to hide the fact that he admits he goes to the spa while I work," jokes

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  • Involuntarily Bumped from Flight? Here's What to Do

    (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images) Last July, I was involuntarily bumped from a United flight, kicking off a 16-hour travel odyssey from New York to Seattle to Portland. While there are some people who try to get bumped from flights to collect vouchers and upgrades, this was the furthest thing from my mind as I tried to make my way to the northwest to attend a close friend's wedding.

    The only redeeming outcome of missing my flight: "If people are involuntarily bumped, they should realize they have the right to insist on cash," Bill Mosley, a spokesperson for the Department of Transportation, tells Yahoo! Shine.

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    How much depends on how inconvenienced you are. If you get to your final destination within an hour, don't expect anything. If you arrive between one and two hours late, the airline owes you 200% of your one-way fare, a $650 maximum. If you arrive more than two hours later, or if the airline doesn't help you get to your final destination, they owe you 400% of your

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