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  • Kate Gosselin's New Hair Extensions Reportedly Cost $7,000

    This week Kate Gosselin premiered her new long hair on the cover of People magazine, calling her new style and outlook on life "Kate Clean Slate." But if the fans who copied Kate's old spiky 'do want to follow the reality star's style lead again, they might need to take out a loan: Kate's new extensions reportedly cost a whopping $7,000. Ted Gibson, the stylist who created Kate's new look (and who was taped doing so by TLC), estimated that amount when he discussed the 20 hours he spent on Kate's hair makeover with the online gossip site RadarOnline, so we asked an expert to verify this. Turns out, she backs up Gibson's claims:

    "The stylist [Ted Gibson] was probably using top-quality hair. Hair costs between $500 and $2,000, and anytime you do celebrity extensions, you use the highest quality hair possible," said the Neil George Salon's senior extensionist Kacey Welch, who adds long locks for celebs like Kristin Cavallari.

    Beyond the cost of the hair (she says the best for a blonde

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  • 'Today Show' checks in with 19-pound baby and family

    The 19-lb. baby boy born in Indonesia about a month ago is at home with his parents, sister, and brother in their tiny village, where he's become a local celebrity in addition to an international marvel. "Today Show" checked in with the family, learning that little Akbar is healthy (and has put on another half-pound), though his mom isn't strong enough yet after her C-section surgery to pick him up. Akbar's mother is also shown wearing a "traditional soothing cream" on her face:

    As touched on in the "Today Show" report, Akbar's mother lives in such a small village that she didn't receive adequate prenatal care (she actually thought she was having twins), but doctors suspect that Akbar's size can be attributed at least partially to gestational diabetes, a serious condition that caused him to get too much glucose in the womb.

    The doctor who delivered him expressed concern about Akbar's care once he's out of the media spotlight, but village officials have promised help.

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