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  • Taking time out for yourself can be a great reward for being a hardworking wife and mother. With weekends packed with family and home activities, you may never get a chance to see your girlfriends! Give yourself (and your girls) a midweek break by planning a ladies' night out. Even a once-a-month standing date with your girlfriends can boost your mood and give you much-needed "me" time you deserve.

    Here are 5 surprisingly different ladies' night out ideas:

    1. Take a workout class together
    Too often friendships revolve around heavy dinners or brunches - why not lighten things up and try a group workout together instead? Yoga is a perfect way to relax and tone your muscles. Yoga studios are popping up on every corner; most have drop-in class rates. Try a heated yoga class if you're looking to sweat a little, too. Make sure you leave time for a 15-minute chat with your friends before or after class. Or, take a nice, long walk around a park so you can really catch up on life!

    2. Dig in to the

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  • As a stay-at-home mom of two children, it would be easy for me to just wear sweats all day long and eat junk food. However, I enjoy being healthy and fashionable. This type of lifestyle makes me content. When I am happy, the entire family benefits because I am joyful and fun. Here are ten habits of happy, chic moms.

    1. "Me time"

    Since I am the main childcare provider for my children, I spend an average of 12 hours a day with my kids. Thus, when I am given the chance, I take some "me time." Time away from the kids and the household chores is refreshing. This might mean I go run some errands by myself or take a kick boxing class. The time away allows me to recharge my batteries.

    2. Exercise

    Exercise is essential for anyone's health. I try to walk to the park several times a week. Kickboxing, running and hiking are other forms of exercise I enjoy. Exercise releases feel-good endorphins that make me happy. After having two kids, a flat stomach is great for my self-esteem.

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  • So your skin and hair are suffering from a bout of dried out, dulled down blues? Winter's harsh climate is likely the culprit. After all, chilly dry air and hours spent indoors aren't conducive to glowing or healthy-looking skin. Fortunately, there ways to make your skin and hair look just as great as they do in the summer. Start spring with a fresh new look!

    Moisturize skin daily
    You know how skin looks dewy and plump in the warmer months? A large reason skin looks so great during summer is because of the extra moisture in the air (and to think you curse humidity)! Dry air means less moisture is absorbed into the skin. If that weren't bad enough, dry air also pulls some of your skin's moisture out. To combat this, you must moisturize your skin at least once a day. I also recommend using a body oil within 15 minutes of your shower. Don't skimp on water or other hydrating beverages like Lipton Hot Black Tea.

    Exfoliate skin weekly
    Have you ever brushed your cat or dog's hair? If so,

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  • Feeling lethargic? You can do a simple yoga routine for a quick energy boost. Certain styles of yoga can be especially effective for increasing circulation throughout the body, improving oxygen flow, and waking up the brain.

    Doing a series of yoga poses to jumpstart your day -- or just to reboot in the middle of a stressful day -- can be a great way to maintain your healthy lifestyle. Relax with a cup of Lipton Hot Black Tea after your practice for additional warmth.

    Here are eight energy-boosting yoga poses to try:

    1. Camel Yoga Pose

    This move opens up your chest so that you can breathe in more oxygen. It can also stimulate the adrenal glands which will help you get going in no time. To perform this pose, kneel on the floor with your knees hip width apart and perpendicular to the floor. You'll be bending backwards slowly as you stretch your arms and head back to touch the soles of your feet.

    2. Modified Down-Dog Split

    This yoga pose will help to increase

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