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  • She's a poet, a singer, and a writer. She is so passionate about the arts that she has also serves as a teaching artist/mentor for Urban Word NYC. Shanelle Gabrielle is an inspiring role model to the younger generation with an interest in the arts, and is committed to helping young people be able to express themselves by developing their talents. Shanelle says, "It's so important that young people learn that they have a voice and that their voice matters."

    Making a Difference

    Shanelle recognizes that one of the biggest issues many young people face is not having a healthy outlet during their formative years. She works with young students, helping to make their words matter, combining creative writing and hip-hop, teaching lessons on everything from history to social justice. She says, " My mouth is definitely my instrument. It's my vehicle to get my message across. I love it when I can take rap lyrics to help students better grasp alliteration or explain a Ming Dynasty

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  • As a first time mom and first generation Venezuelan American, Romina Buroz knows the importance of using her words to teach her young daughter Gianna. Romina wants her daughter to have a great balance of American and Venezuelan culture and is teaching her to be bilingual. "I speak to her in Spanish so she can learn the language, " says Romina.

    Teaching Tradition

    Growing up in the United States as a second generation Venezuelan may not be easy for Gianna, but Romina makes sure to spend lots of time with her daughter constantly teaching her, and familiarizing her with Venezuelan traditions. She says, "I want her to be proud to be Latina, I also want her to be able to share that with her kids one day. One day I will be gone and I look to her to keep our traditions alive." Romina Buroz is making sure her words are making a difference in raising her daughter from reading her books, to teaching her two languages. Romina explains, "My voice has been important to her ever since

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  • A Midwest native, Tricia Allen moved to sunny Los Angeles and identified an opportunity for affordable fresh fish restaurants in the city. That was before Tricia opened Off the Hook Grille where she serves healthy, fresh food at an affordable price for young families. Not only has her restaurant developed a strong following, but Tricia says that it's become a vital part of the community. "One of the best parts of being a local business owner is being part of the community. When someone comes in no matter what their day is, you greet them with a smile. You tell them, "Welcome. Sit down. Have something to eat," and it's amazing how people actually change." 

    Catering to the Community

    Tricia and her husband run this restaurant together and are committed to providing high-quality food and healthy options. The team works with a local fish purveyor and local produce company for all of their seafood and produce. "We keep our menu very specific, so we can offer fresh food at good prices.

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