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  • Our 5 Favorite Random Things From the 'Mad Men' Premiere

    Just when you couldn't take one more day without your fix of office smoking, sky-high hems, and Don Draper's amazing apartment (with the sunken living room), "Mad Men" returned Sunday night to kick off its final, booze-and-adultery-fueled season. Here's what we loved most from the new ep ...

    Mad Men/AMC

    Megan is happy living amongst wild animals (literally).

    When Don enters wife Megan's new L.A. home in the hills, there isn't a hint of Hollywood glamour, only a kinda' creepy cabin. As the two gaze out at the twinkling lights amid howls from coyotes in the distance, Don asks what we were thinking, "Are you sure don't want to move into a more populated area? It's like Dracula's castle up here."


    Mad Men/AMC

    A clogged toilet may have just pushed Peggy over the edge.

    Her new boss has let her know he's not all that impressed with her, her married ex-boyfriend just showed back up at the office, and Peggy is quite possibly facing a not-so-midlife crisis. Oh, and her side gig as a landlord doesn't seem to be

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  • 5 Women We're Rooting for at the Olympics

    Sure, you're all about Team USA now that the Olympics are kicking off, but how many of the American athletes – specifically, some of the amazing female athletes – do you know much about? (Considering Lindsey Vonn is injured, Gabby Douglas is only allowed to compete in the Summer Olympics, and there aren't a ton of household names yet, it's understandable if the answer is zero). To get you started, here are five women who've overcome plenty – from financial troubles to serious injuries – to make it to Sochi and make us proud. Check them out and cheer them on.

    Emily Scott (Getty Images)Emily Scott
    Age: 24
    Sport: Speedskating
    Why We're Rooting for Her: Hundreds of strangers helped her get here.

    After Scott's monthly stipend from the U.S. Speedskating organization was cut from $1,900 to $650 last year, the Springfield, Missouri, native was forced to apply for food stamps, but she also got creative, turning to the crowdfunding site to raise money to continue her training and hopefully make it all the way

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  • Watch Sleeping Man Bring Out the Best in Subway Passengers

    What would you do if while riding the subway during your usual commute, the tired guy next to you began to doze off on your shoulder? Would you push him away? Get up? Scream? Or would you cut him a break and let him snooze?

    Lots of people, it turns out, would choose the latter.

    After a photo of a man on New York City's Q train allowing a fellow subway rider to sleep on his shoulder went viral a few weeks ago, the story ended up getting national media coverage.  The guy who snapped the picture with his smartphone, Mike Braff, said he did so to capture such a touching moment. “I was just so tickled that a New Yorker would let another New Yorker sleep on his shoulder,” Braff told New York's CBS 2 last week. The man who allowed himself to temporarily serve as a human pillow was 65-year-old Isaac Thiel, who didn't think he did anything special. “The guy’s exhausted, he’s put in a long day, and I said ‘Let him sleep,’” Thiel told the station. “He was sort of dead weight on my shoulder. I was Read More »from Watch Sleeping Man Bring Out the Best in Subway Passengers
  • Alyssa Milano: In My Kitchen

    Alyssa Milano's kitchen looks a lot different than it did a couple of years ago, thanks mostly to a 2-year-old named Milo. "I have Milo's artwork on the fridge like every proud mama," says the 40-year-old of her son with talent agent husband David Bugliari. "I cleared out a bottom cabinet just for Milo. Inside I have cooking toys, pots and pans, and a bunch of his favorite books. If he wants to be with me while I'm in the kitchen, this is his safe place to play."

    The working mom is in overdrive these days. She serves as host of the third season of Lifetime's "Project Runway All Stars", airing Thursdays; starred as a cheating wife in the soapy summer series "Mistresses"; recently went viral with her Funny or Die "sex tape" to help explain the history of Syria's civil war to the world; and serves as a UNICEF ambassador. But that doesn't mean she doesn't have time to cook…a lot. Check out what the actress can't live without in her self-described "country eclectic" kitchen.

    Ninja Blender.
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  • Carrie Underwood: In My Kitchen

    Carrie Underwood may have been raised in beef country, smack-dab in the middle of Oklahoma, but when it comes to her current-day diet, times have changed. The super-successful country star went vegan two years ago (after being a vegetarian several years before) and hasn't looked back. These days, Underwood, 30, stocks her pantry and fridge with fresh veggies, tofu, and soy cheese and hones her cooking skills by making meals with her pro hockey player husband, Mike Fisher. (The Nashville Predators center does, however, add meat to his dishes.) Here's a peek at the flavorful stuff Ms. Underwood simply can't live without.

    Design by Jennifer Fox. Nasoya Organic Firm Tofu. I use tofu in so many dishes. I love to scramble it with onions, red peppers, and spinach, and then top it all off with salsa. Such a yummy savory breakfast! I also use it in smoothies or to make "egg" salad sandwiches. It's so versatile!

    My Vitamix blender. Mike and I both use the heck out of this thing! We both make smoothies and I love to Read More »from Carrie Underwood: In My Kitchen
  • Ziggy Marley: In My Kitchen

    Ziggy Marley and his family. (Photo by Jonathan Leibson/WireImage)

    Ziggy Marley might be best known for his music, thanks to 15 albums, five Grammys, and even an Emmy he picked up this year for best original song. But there's another talent he spends plenty of time cultivating: healthy cooking. At home, the 44-year-old whips up organic meals for his wife, Orly, and their three children: 2-year-old Abraham, 6-year-old Gideon, and 8-year-old Judah, and he's also started sharing some of his creations with the rest of the world via Ziggy Marley Organics, his GMO-free product line of flavored coconut oils and hemp seeds. Marley's motto when it comes to eating? “I don't want to put anything into my body that's not natural." A peek into the kitchen at his Los Angeles home shows he means it. Check out the 10 ingredients, accessories, and products the music maker can't live without.

    Design by Jennifer Fox

    1. Ziggy Marley Coco' Mon coconut oil. We use it to bake, cook, stir fry you name it. The original flavor is great but the different flavors are amazing, lemon ginger flavor with

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  • Summer's Almost Over: Use These Ingredients While You Can

    Labor Day has come and gone, school's back in session, and the weather is turning cooler. Though it may feel like fall is already here, we've still got a good week until summer is officially over. And there's one way to eek a little more out of the final days of the season: Grabbing all the summer fruits and veggies you can before those ripe tomatoes, sweet ears of corn, and juicy berries are gone until next year. Yahoo Shine talked to a few restaurant chefs to gather some ideas on how to take advantage of the last of summer's farm-fresh bounty. Give' em a read and then get to your farmer's market before time runs out!

    Corbis CORN
    "Corn is so versatile. You can roast it, sauté it, boil it or just eat it raw (when it's in season)," Stefan Richter, chef and owner of Stefan's at L.A. Farm in Santa Monica, California, and multiple restaurants in Europe, told Yahoo Shine. And he's got a few ideas for how to use those final kernels.

    A speedy salsa
    Richter suggests giving some ears a quick roast

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  • Using a Bay Leaf: Do I Really Have to Do That?

    There are certain labor-intensive recipe phrases that can make the most diligent cook roll her eyes. "Do I really have to do that?" we wonder. Leave your Do I Really Have To Do That? questions in the comments and they shall be answered, saving us all a lot of needless trouble.

    Making soup isn't always simple. There's the seasoning, the simmering, the straining, and – if you're really dedicated – the stock-making. Then, of course, there's that long list of ingredients, beginning with the basics like carrots, onions, and celery, and snowballing from there.

    So with all of the time, energy, and components that go into soup, can one little leaf make a difference? Yep, we're talking about that soup staple, the bay leaf. The one that's called for in so many recipes. But can your soup survive without it? Probably.

    "Bay leaves have a really wonderful fragrance, and that fragrance is going to be imparted into any soup that you're going to make," Brendan Walsh, dean of culinary education at The

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  • America’s Best McDonald’s (and Other Top-Rated Fast-Food Establishments)

    Art by Jason JFish FischerArt by Jason JFish FischerThe topic of favorite fast food can lead to heated discussions among those who take their burgers and fries seriously. You might have a chain you love the most, but many people have a favorite location too … and they're not all created equal.

    A Big Mac in Denver might taste the same as one in Des Moines, but certain stores are more beloved than others. Why? It's usually the little things. "Customers are always expecting the food to be consistent, but is the parking lot well-lit? Are the bathrooms clean? Is the garbage can full? Are there lines or not?" Michael Seid, managing director of franchise advisory firm MSA Worldwide and co-author of "Franchising for Dummies," told Yahoo Shine. "Successful franchisees do things better than standard but don't surprise the customer by doing something completely unexpected."

    More on Yahoo Shine: 10 Surprisingly Healthy Fast Food Meals

    A decade ago there was no way of knowing which Subway in a certain city was cleaner than others short of checking

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  • Adorable Babies Do Karate and One-Handed Push-Ups — 'Nuf Said

    Karate Baby (Eric Sahrmann)In the age of Anne Geddes calendars and increasingly creative birth announcements, it's almost easy to become immune to adorable baby photos. But a new series of pics – taken for a Milwaukee Health Department ad campaign to raise awareness about the importance of having a healthy pregnancy – is amping up the cute factor in a truly original way.

    More on Yahoo Shine: Fascinating New Details Emerge on Birth of Royal Baby

    The images, shot by Chicago-based photographer Eric Sahrmann, take the idea of strong, healthy babies to a comical level, with three different concepts, which were first sketched out by creative director Mike Scalise. There's one little guy karate-chopping through Legos, another doing a one-handed push-up, and yet another busting through his PJs (check out that tiny belly button!), "Incredible Hulk"-style.

    Hulk Baby (Eric Sahrmann)

    Taking the shots was no simple task. Sahrmann started with a casting call for babies between 3 and 18 months old. Of the 30 he saw, he selected 15, and photographed 5

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