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  • Your Cosmic Guide to Staying in Shape

    Getting in shape by sign

    Resolving to shed some winter pounds as we head into a new year? Each sign rules a different part of the body and has a different orientation toward physical activity, so certain exercises work better for each one. Here's how to take your sign into consideration when designing a fitness routine that you'll be inclined to stick with.

    Consider your astrological element -- should you be exercising in water (water sign) or do you need the wind on your face (air sign)? If you're a fire sign you should literally heat yourself up -- as in sweat -- and if you're an earth sign, you accomplish miracles by exercising outdoors.

    Be aware of your body's "weakest link" (each sign has one) and work to protect it. And most of all, choose exercises that are interesting and stimulating to your sign, so you'll stick with them:

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    Aries (March 21 - April 19)

    Drink a ton of water. As a fire sign, you burn through

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