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  • What Every Girl Should Take Shopping

    You thought you were just going shopping, why would you need a wrench set?

    With so many people these days choosing to live in urban areas, like the newly rejuvenated downtown Los Angeles or San Diego or because some are choosing a townhome/condo over a large house that may have considerable upkeep, and especially if you like to travel, balconies are becoming a valuable outdoor living space. For some reason the "internet" decorating websites want you to put a tiny cafe table with two tall chairs on a small balcony, but I was on a mission to make an outdoor sanctuary.

    Previously, I had two tall wrought iron chairs, and a tall square glass topped table and several plants as well as a barbecue on my townhome balcony. Guests went out on the deck to see the ocean view but no one lingered there or sat in the chairs. One day after spending the afternoon in a backyard that fronted a golf course with a vineyard, fruit trees and beautiful deck, I returned home and realized I needed an

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  • What Ever Girl Should Know

    Standing in bathroom lines for women is, unfortunately, a common occurrence. It's mostly because the venue, restaurant, or mall doesn't have enough stalls to accommodate us. However, sometimes it just requires a little ingenuity. After a long day of bike riding around the lake, some friends and I made our way to a remote Mexican restaurant for dinner. I couldn't wait to use the restroom and "freshen" up. I opened the door and of course there was a line! As I stood in the unmoving line and chatted to the woman who came in behind me, she said, "This never happens here!", and then she told me she loved my leopard faux fur boots. A women and her child came out of one stall and said, "That one doesn't flush". Aha, the problem was that everyone was waiting for one stall. I immediately went in and lifted the tank lid, and sure enough it was a simple fix. The handle chain had come unhooked from the flapper, the seal that lets the tank fill with water, and when lifted by the handle and

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