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  • One Heack of a Day

    Chapter 1
    The Begining

    It had been a while since I made my next visit to the libray to write, but time was giving me a plate full of ideas to eat and digest. My life was stariving from the lack money and all that it could supply - damn near. In my efforts to stay focused, I had to count the blessing that I had the opportunity to wake in the arms of a man who tries his best to love me. I also had to count the blessing that, despite what I saw as a disposition, my childrn were being well taken care of as well.

    The truth be told, I had such a window of time and opportunity that I had no idea what to do with it. So, often times I sat back, sipping on beer (that a good friend offered me), and watch other people live there lives through reality shows. "Damn it! I would rather live my life rather than watch other lives theirs.. although, it is quite interesting an motivational", is what I would often find my mind wandering to. Well, one day I had to take that leap for something worth

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  • One Heck of a Day


    Spent the day working as usual. Trying to take my mind off of things I would rather had never appeared in my life in the first place. But hey, thats life. It was there for me to face and I was lookijng it dead in the eye. I had been hiding my work from my family for a long time. For good reason. And After my 32 years of mad fury expolding as big as the fireworks on the 4th of July, I was going to continue to. I had mentally gained my idependence on this past Independance day. How ironic is that? Needless to say, it has surelly left a hells fury amongst my family and I. I had always thought that they couldn't handle or tolorate me any more than I could with them. Hey we all tried, but we do make an intresting mix. To my hearts awearness, I was surely the salt that would lead to my familys stroke. No Problem. We all have our place, and some times my family can only take a pinch of me and I to them. None the less, I had to move forward. I had to know and understand that

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  • New To Dating at 31 (A writers story on dating after being in a 11 year relationship)

    In all my days of being single never thought it to be so freeing. Not at 31. I dated by all the rules of dating when I was about 18 -19 years of age, without knowing that I was doing it right. Very fearless in my approach to it. Either I liked the guy or I didn't. If I did like him, but did not see him as a fit for the long term, that was fine too. We still could be friends. Soon after I met a guy and we had a rocky relationship for 11 years.

    Eventually we broke up. It took about 4 years to adapt to the idea of not having him in my life as a mate, yet, remaining a dad to my children. That was just weird. Before I knew it I only dated on the dance floor. Only one guy actually made it far enough to get my real number. Eventually, I dropped him due to distance. I had to be practical to some degree. Then came the opportunity to met a great guy and to actually go out on a date. We enjoyed each other so much that we dated and eventually started the courtship stage of the relationship. The

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  • When Romance Ends: The Obituary

    Homegoing Celebration
    July 2, 2010 - January 14, 2011

    Friday, January 14, 2011
    Service 10:00pm
    With In Myself

    23 Reasons I Love You

    One for every year God has blessed the world with your presence so that we would meet and eventually part.

    L.I.P (Love in Peace)

    1. The 7th day of the 7th month of the 7th year

    2. You wanted to microwave a bug in the microwave to save me, while using team work with my son.

    3. Your laugh when I fell doing a pole trick and you asked, "Does that happen often?"

    4. You showed disgust for the boys dirty room only to find comfort on the top bunk.

    5. You kept me warm and entertained the day we went to see Harry Potter. Trying to also keep each other awake so not to waste the money.

    6. You shared some of the most funniest clips and links.

    7. The day we watched Inception

    8. The glow in the dark shoes while playing "Dark Man", the pictures of my youngest wearing them, followed by the random trip to the dive in to see "The Sorcerer

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  • The Death of Romance

    The days had seemed as longs as the corners of the earth for her. She paced the floors of his hospital room as he laid there in a coma. The curtains drawn on the one widow in hopes that a little sunshine of gratitude would help to encourage him to come out of it and live with her once again. It was still in the room other than her constant pacing. The sound of the heart monitor ordered every step she took. Her strides were slow and prayerful.The look of sadness and confusion covered her face with the shadows of yesterdays and yestermonths memories. They were in the middle of a unresolved conflict, the she would find would not meet it's full end till that day.

    "God, why? I was willing to live a life without having a man. I had given up on ever having one and You sent me this man only for him to die. I'm angry! I'm confused! I'm tired of the emotional baggage that's coming with love" She prayed and paced, "If You just bring him back I'll be happy and take better care of him. Please

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  • The Difference

    I read over my very first blog titled "Today Is A New Day". I needed a new day. I wanted a new day. Have I actually found it? The progression in my personal evolution is so subtle at times, I can not tell for sure.

    Why am I blogging this concept of mind? I have no idea. My method of blogging is not that of the popular. Yet, in the background of my heart, I have a deep yearning that it would reach the hearts of many. Am I looking for attention? Maybe. As far as I know, I am behind a computer and within my own personal confines. One may never find attention in this. I'm not blogging to teach, that is for sure. I am blogging to share, if don't know anything else as to why.

    Sigh. I did yoga. I prayed for wisdom and guidance. I'm living my life after a recent break up. I'm not sad nor hurt, but a little disappointed. I'm not regretful, but anticipating, with no expectancy, of what's to come. I sense a little bitterness, but not from becoming and ex. I feel this bitterness as I would with

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  • Healing in Romance

    She opened her eyes from her slumber. Though the morning sun had rose, the clouds from last night's rain was still holding it back. The rays ran short as they peered through her blinds to inform her that it was morning. She looked over and noticed that her youngest son, Seven, had climbed in the bed with her. Thanking God that she didn't develop back pains from a 6 year old kneeing her all night. He actually kept his distance. Laying there for a brief moment she thought of Romance. Lately things had seemed a little off in their 5 month relationship than normal. Last night, she was unsure on rather it was any better.

    Seemingly at odds, she had not really spoken, chatted, or messaged him all of the day before, except once. Even in that, she had to muster up enough courage to do so. She was afraid. Afraid to experience all the heartache that seemed to trail her when she grabbed love by the hand. She had sent him a video of her making a funny mockery of a Youtube video in hopes to lighten

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  • Your Clingy Partner: The 2 Germs That Effect the Body of the Relationship

    Do you rememberer when you both first met? Excited about the relationship. Nervous about the relationship. Realizing that you both have common interest. Wanting to hang out with them at every opportunity. Then you could not wait till the time along. Ah, yes. Those where the good ol' days. Now it would seem that (s)he always wants to spend time with you and never doing anything else. It would seem that when you try to live a life outside of him/her, (s)he always calling you with a multitude of questions. Feels smothering? I bet. This can be so do to two main factors (The 2 Germs).
    1. His/ Her history in relationships. Often times people come with painful baggage that they carry with them in their hearts. History of constantly being cheated on during a time when they trusted their partner. Unfortunately, a wall is often built around their heart that keeps "trust" barricade behind it. It's a terrible insecurity to have. It's like a disease in a relationship. Your partner does not want to

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  • The Truth About "Love" and "Being in Love"

    There is nothing like the feeling of "new love" or "falling in love". Recognizing the connection and chemistry. Realizing that you both have much in common. Not yet knowing that you both have uncommon interest and personality traits. No problems. No complaints. More so, you both may be filled with utter gratitude for this new relationship developing. Even fearful of what may come of it. This is "new love". This is "falling in love".

    "Loving" someone and "being in love" are very much different. Especially, when it relates to a dating relationship. I personally have been in a relationship where I "loved" my partner long after I stopped "being in love" or "fell out of love" with them. Eleven years to be exact. I learned to "love" them enough to allow them be who they were, though many aspects of them conflicted with mine. As the years grew and we both evolved in our personal lives, we discovered more aspects and personality traits that continued to conflict with each other. Creating the

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  • The Truth About "Love" and "Being in Love" Cont.4

    To those that are single,I would hope that these words would be taken with you and that it helps you. Both male and female. I believe, if you would share these words the moment it is agreed with your new partner that you both can see a long relationship with the other, then you both have a great chance of accomplishing that. Be honest in the very beginning about your feelings. Lay them out without fear of loosing you new partner and love. If fear should occur, press through them. For then you can experience disappointment sooner rather than later. Sooner often has the least damaging effects and the healing process is much quicker. Also, life have the tendency to surprise you pleasantly for such actions.

    To those who are already in a relationship and finding out that it is not all that you hoped it to be, you now know why that is so. You can stay together and experience the feeling of repeated "new love" or "falling in love", followed by "being in love' through continual hardships. If

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