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  • Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Design Agency

    Whether you want to start a website about mosquito pest control or ways to improve your golf swing, you may need the help of a design agency. However, you don't want to hire an agency to help with website design, ad design, logos or anything else you need without asking the right questions first. Here's a short list of some of the most important questions to ask.

    1. Will you be outsourcing any of the work?

    It's important to know if the agency will be handling all the design work or if they simply outsource it to others. If you are paying a large amount for a web design, you want to make sure the agency isn't just outsourcing all of the tasks for a much lower rate to other countries.

    1. Which CMS will you be using?

    CMS stands for content management system. These programs allow users to publish and edit content as well as maintain a website from a central page. A couple of popular examples of content management systems are Wordpress and Joomla. The one that your web

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  • What Pinterest Can Do for You

    Okay, so you have a knockout web site, Facebook page, Twitter account with a respectable amount of followers, and maybe even a blog. You're totally connected to the social media world, right?

    There's a new kid in town that's helpful for all businesses, especially those with a more female target audience, like the facial rejuvenation and beauty industry.

    If you're not taking advantage of Pinterest, you're missing out. What is it that interests people the most on Facebook, Twitter and your web site anyway? Pictures. Photos of beautiful people who could be your clients - if they take advantage of your services.

    What Can You Pin?

    Pinterest is an online clipboard that has taken the realm of social media by storm. You've probably seen friends posting their latest and favorite Pinterest picks on Facebook and Twitter already. Maybe you have a personal Pinterest account. Don't miss out on how you can utilize virtual scrapbooking to help build your business' reputation.


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