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  • VIDEO: Have you taken the Ñ Train?

    Several NYC subway signs have been changed from an 'N' to an 'Ñ' as a temporary nod to Hispanics and their contributions to the Big Apple.

    The change has not been approved by the MTA, New York city's public-transit authority, but seems to be getting approval from others.

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  • Teen Orphan Tugs at Churchgoers' Heartstrings to Find a Family

    uDavion Navar (photo by: MELISSA LYTTLE/ZUMApress)A 15-year-old Florida boy who's been in foster care his entire life is so desperate for a family to call his own, that he recently took matters into his own hands.

    Davion Navar Henry Only gathered his courage and stepped up to the pulpit at St. Mark Missionary Baptist Church in St. Petersburg, Florida, asking, directly, if anyone there might want to adopt him. He told the parishioners, "I know God hasn't given up on me. So I'm not giving up, either."

    After learning that his biological mother, who gave birth to him while she was in prison, had passed away, he asked his caseworker, Connie Going, to take him to church so that he could make his request. She agreed.

    Arriving in a donated black suit too large for him, wearing a zip-on tie that he wouldn't have known how to tie himself, he followed intently along with the sermon before declaring, "I'll take anyone. Old or young, dad or mom, black, white, purple. I don't care. And I would be really appreciative. The best I could be."

    Davion Navar and Connie Going, his Eckerd case worker (photo by: MELISSA LYTTLE/ZUMApress)

    In a

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  • Team Cruz: Morning workout and breakfast smoothie

    Your body coach Armando Cruz grabs kids Amelie and Mandy and shows you how to prep your body for the day.

    This week's episode features Armando's quick morning stretches and a fruit smoothie to share with the kids.

  • A Mother's Effort to Reclaim Halloween

    Mexican sugar skull for Dia De Los Muertos.Chef Maggie Jimenez has made a living out of Mexican food. She's hosted cooking shows and contributed recipes to magazines. Born and raised in Mexico, she holds her heritage high. But her half-Mexican daughters are growing up in the U.S., and Maggie seeks to instill pride for their heritage in them.

    Married to an American man for 17 years, Maggie found ways to balance the presence of her and her husband's cultures in their girls' lives.

    "In my case, it's also the Catholic-Protestant lifestyle," Maggie says. "One Sunday it would be at [my husband's] church, one Sunday with me."

    The chef is currently working with instant-coffee brand Nescafe, which released a survey stating that 70 percent of Latino parents in the U.S. feel guilty about their children not being exposed to as much Latin heritage as they were. Maggie finds the way to remedy this is to tell them stories, and interlace them with food.

    Now divorced, her daughters celebrate Thanksgiving at their father's house, and spend other holidays with Mom. For Maggie, a big one is Mexico's Dia De Los Muertos.

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