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  • Bully ~

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    Paola and Dawn handed in their Reading assignment to Mrs.Sanders and gathered their books for the next class.Mrs.Sanders smiled at Paola and told her that her heart necklace was pretty."Thank you!" said Paola.(Paola's grandmother gave her the heart necklace for Christmas.It was pink,yellow,and blue.) Paola went to the doorway of the classroom where Dawn was waiting.Dawn told Paola that her stomach was hurting.They always walked to Art class together on Tuesdays and Thursdays and had five minutes to get to the next class.
    Paola went to her locker.Then she went around the corner to the stairway to Art class.She dreaded walking to the stairway.It wasn't because she sometimes lost her pencil on the way to class.(continued... on Marie Brewer,author

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  • Friend Story ~ by Marie Brewer, #tweens

    My daughter and her friends do a swirl treatment in the secret playhouse area of her room.

    Missi was friends with Colleen,(the new girl at school)Missi would often see Colleen in the cafeteria and after school while waiting on the bus.
    Colleen had 4 brothers and 1 other sister in her household,in addition to her parents.They had just moved to Los Angeles from Honduras.Colleen spoke Spanish but was learning English. Missi did not live close to Colleen but she decided to be friends with her. Missi knew how it felt to be the new girl in school and in a neighborhood.Colleen did not have nice clothes to wear to school.Sometimes she wore the same shirt for two days in a row.This did not matter to Missi.She liked talking to Colleen and learning about her family and her culture.They ate fried plantains in her country.They also ate beans,rice,tortillas and coconut.
    There were days when Colleen did not have a pencil for class.Colleen gave Missi a beautiful bracelet that was made in Honduras.Missi would buy extra fruit or a snack and share it with Colleen during lunch time.The girls

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  • Tween Blog~ , A blog for tween girls by Marie Brewer

  • "For Smart Girls Only" by Marie Brewer My blog for tween girls

    "For Smart Girls Only" by Marie Brewer, Borrow for free on Kindle if you have a premium membership. ($1.99 on Kindle and $12.95 for the paperback on Go to for the books and more info. This book is for girls ages 10-13, Tweens rock! #tweens,#kindle,#selfesteem,#childrensbooks,#books,#tweengirls,#booksforgirls,#parenting

    My e book is current, interactive, and deals with issues that today's tween and young teens girls are facing. I wrote this book for tweens/teens to emphasize inner beauty, confidence, and self-love. This new book covers such topics as family, parents, school/education, friends, internet safety, bullying, drugs, alcohol, parent divorce, respect, honesty, boys, peer-pressure, cell phones, cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, and finding a vision for a fruitful life. The book will not disappoint those who want to give advice to young girls that have sheen!
    Excerpts below:

    ~ "Think

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