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  • A Small Plaque of a Spanish Prince on His Horse.

    Beautiful Wooden Plaque of a young Spanish Prince. Purchased at a flea market sale.Did some research found it's from 1634-cira, maybe older. Need more research and feedback, to know if it's value On back,has made in Spain.
    Plaque of a Prince from Spain 1634 cira, Purchased from flea market sale.Need feedback if really old.

  • The Business of Business, baby girl, is making money....

    Hello ? Are you listerning to me ? Ok, I, now have your undivided brain machine, first, put God in control and sit in the passenger seat, b/up, ready ?

    In a well-managed company,baby girl,you don't count on inspiration Alone. Business management is not an artistic enterprise. It's a science, imperfect perhaps, but nevertheless a reasoned response to AsCERTAINABLE FACTS. remember- facts,ok? We're not out to win blue ribbons or gold medals.

    Our goal is not only creative innovations , it's return on Investments. Still with me, sofar?

    There is a site on line which can advertise your "fab"- fantastic " company for "FREE," really ,free.
    I found it in June 2011, joined on July 2,2011. listed Parent company 2griers''',it's on the site, along with other "biggies (co) ready to promote,, promote,and more pomoting,,me and them. Check it out,join and promote your poetry and resale of college books.

    www manta com it's going to be a gold mine, or a silver mine, have

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  • May 28,2011 From The Messenger- Minister Terence Grier

    Minister Terence grierMinister Terence grierPray Until Something Haoppens!!!
    Make me an instrument of your peace and love and Purpose.

    Lord; make me an instrument of your peace. where there is hatred, let me show love, Where there is pain, heal ih Jesus name, where there is doubt, increase our faith, where there is despair, build up our hope, where there is darkness, magnify your light,where there is sadness,escalate your joy, Oh Divine King, I beg of your help to better servants.

    help us stand firm, help us draw closer to your consistent love, search our hearts and clean it. search our minds and keep it Focus on you,engage us to stay concentrated on your will in our life,help us to enforce and enhance , the beauty, the elegance , the splender, in your grace and mercy.

    This is only a small portion of Minister Terence Grier, soul stirring message.
    Each Saturday will list some of the encouraging words to speed you into the forth coming weeks.

    We know that your soul will be up-lifted,giving God all praises, In The Name Of

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  • The Case Of Mystery Search Engine + Homepage Zapper

    Do you recall being told "by friends and maybe even foes," read the fine print, Read The Fine Print!!,never,
    no, never sign until you have strolled thru pages and pages of "fine" print.

    I will not tell a "fib",(little white lie, or show I say a " blue lie), Alright, I started the long road of reading and around page 5 or maybe it was 6, I stopped, saying to my inter voice, "ok, looks good so far, and if it's not what i want, I can delete & free up space....(but was I ever wrong), my fellow "surf buddies," there are pitfalls that screams, "read all of me!!! READ, READ, READ, but we listern , or in my case, read-a -little, really understand Absolutely ----Nothing.

    Having given you my avenue route of getting to an unwanted , search engine--sneaky homepage zapper,here I arrive at my homepage destination, in comes F.E.A.R. search engine Highjacker....

    After F.E.A.R. took over my computer,it started to gain more than a foot hold, more to the tone of " a foot and a half -hold. Really

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  • Pomerania --name " Angel,'' she is from the breed of spitz from Pomerania region in Central Europe. Classed as Toy dog breed, -small size. Short backed, very active dog, lots of fun. Fur- soft dense undercoat, profuse harah- Texture outer coat. Tail is heavily Plumed Angel, is our resident " Pom. " Hello, she has her own Blog website, with jokes, and bible lessons, and recipes for "Baking Goods".

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  • My Blog site have been lots of Fun

    1. This site wll be greatly missed.
    2. Those were he good days
    3. Goodbye, to all my friends.

  • Mistaking Kindness for Weakness

    As we travel through life, we find that "if " we are sometimes helpful and giving to others , they mistake our "Kindness for Weakness." They do not understand that we feel (deep inside) we are to care for our neighbors, friends and family. Sometimes we put our selves out on a limb,to come to their assistance, maybe we should be like the aveage "jane or joe" and turn our backs, look the other way, and not look at the man in the mirror--( Michael Jackson's true song of the 80s or 90s).

    Trying to help others, could make one become very unfeeling, self-only serving, but one main thing that really hurt your ego, is for the people that you do help, they are too sorry to say " Thanks, I appericate all that you do,"because you did not have to, Ah, sucks, why not just toss them aside, but pray that what they recieve is what they deserve...Remember you " reap what you sow"

    Chose your friends very carefully, some will be there when you need them,, but most will scam, lie, cheat and even steal

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  • The missunderstanding if the word "Fear"

    A most mention from a chatt ,, with one of my Oldest ":girl friend Liz,from n.j.,,,so here's the 411 on the dreaded thing called fear

    F =false
    A =appearing
    R =real

  • What Would You Do With $5,000 per Week?

    This was a great question asked by my neighbor, Lilli:,and my response was, take a long needed vacatn
    I would travel to so many fun, and educational counties. The Island of P.R. is fantastic, the colors, the history, such a beauiful country. The Art Centers, the Museums, so much to see,and do , and don't forget the Old Town of San Juan, PR.

    The first six weeks, would be devoted to helping, my town, my neighbors who are laid-off and about to lost their homes, the people who don't have enough monies to even buy food for their children.. And what about the seniors, who never have enough food, or meds, or extra funds to visit their friends, or go to a movie..

    Publisher Clearing, contest, which will be over in Aug.2010, would be the ideal contest to win. but who ever knows Who won.. Hey, lady it my time this year, I will pack my bags to night.. I am ready, Are you?

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  • Darius T.--Basketball Star*******

    Cherryville BasketBall Star # 30--Darius T. Howell---2010 (Point Guard)

    Southside High School Star--Munice, In. 2009 Star---2010 (Point Guard)


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