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  • Things to know before Renewal of policy

    Once you have bought your policy, there are two things which become pertinent to know - the if and but of claims and the when and how of the Policy Renewal. This article focuses on the latter part and highlights a very interesting case that happened with Mr Sharma -

    Renew your Mediclaim with Medimanage Now!

    He bought a health insurance policy in April 2008 through an agent of a very well reputed insurance company. While everything was going smooth, including the reimbursement of claims, the problem started in April 2009 when it was time for his policy renewal. But Mr Sharma believed that the company/agent would give him a reminder when it was time for renewal, however, this did not happen. He got no reminder, from the company/ agent too, and the agent told him that he was too busy to call or send the notice.

    His ignorance about basic things before renewal of his policy, (including the date), deprived him of the 'continuation benefit' associated with renewal, led him to

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  • Checklist for Buying Health Insurance

    confused about buying health insurance confused about buying health insurance After witnessing the financial hardships your neighbors went through on their son's hospitalization, you have decided to opt for Buying Health Insurance. But on seeing the wide variety of mediclaim policies that are available in the market, you find yourself confused, worried and desperate for some sort of help!

    In your search for an affordable health Insurance, there is a very high possibility that you end up focusing on the premium cost alone and ignore the other requisites such as exclusions (diseases not covered), policy sub limits and so on. Most times, even Health Insurance agents desist from giving out full information in regards with a mediclaim policy, the best option in times like this is to opt for a knowledgeable Health Insurance Broker!

    But in case, you aren't willing to opt for a Health Insurance Broker, here is a list of things that you must keep an eye out for when you are looking to buy Health Insurance in India,

    • Payment Options

    Payment options

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  • Not Losing weight? Here are the hidden reasons!

    Yet again you are left fuming, devastated and cynical. Yet another effort of yours to get rid of the extra kilos you had piled up, has gone waste. You are left completely drained out and angry after this effort, like the others before it, also failed. You are wondering what went wrong, you used the pill that your friend recommended; you went for walks in the morning, abstained from rice and potato and were watching the latest yoga DVD of the Bollywood superstar and practicing in her footsteps.

    So, why are you not losing weight?

    Here is why - even with the enthusiasm and the determination that you have, you may be missing out acting on critical things that make you gain weight unknowingly or, equipped with improper information, you are trying to lose weight the wrong way.

    Emotional Eating

    Emotional Eating leads to weight gain Emotional Eating leads to weight gain You have issues at work place and you bite into your favorite chocolate to forget it all. You are tensed about the exams and you prepare and eat the entire packet of maggi while

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  • Dumb Health mistakes that Smart people make!

    health mistakeshealth mistakesWe are health conscious. We are so health conscious that today food is measured in not kilos or grams but calories. We see someone running and do a mental calculation about the calories he or she is burning. But our system of measuring 'what is healthy' and 'what is not' is faulty. Even with the amount of health information we have, these are some of the common health mistakes that we make…

    Skipping Breakfast

    skipping breakfastskipping breakfastEvery day as you wake up in the morning there are thousand things that are going in your mind, the list for things to do is already ready and your mind is furiously telling your body to wake up and hurry up. You zoom fast at break neck speed and get ready to go to work and as you step out of your house, you remember that you haven't eaten anything except a cup of chai or coffee! Too late to eat anything now you plan to have a heavy lunch instead!

    Health-o-meter says "Starving your body= gaining weight"

    Skipping on breakfast comes as one of the first health

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  • How to find a Good Health Insurance Advisor?

    Who do you go to when something is wrong with your car? - The Mechanic. Who do you go to when you don't feel well? - The Doctor, of course. Do you depend on your own skills and intuition to deal with the situation? -Mostly, no. And do you trust just any other mechanic or doctor to solve your problem? -No. You go to someone who is trustworthy and who knows what he or she is doing).

    These responses answer why you need to find a good health insurance advisor. You can't buy a health insurance policy just by yourself (there are so many products and a great deal of fine print to understand); similarly you cannot trust just any other advisor while buying a policy (it is after all your health and money!).

    Here are some tips to help you choose a Good Health Insurance Advisor:

    • Go to a Health insurance Broker- The first step in finding a good health insurance advisor would be- knowing where to look. We advise you to opt for health insurance brokers for your health insurance advice
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  • Bipasha Basu- From Flab to Abs!

    Late 2006 saw the whole of India subjected to a strange heat wave, courtesy Bipasha Basu's village belle act in the famous "Bidi Jaliale...' song from the movie Omkara. This was followed by her looking ravishing as a police officer out to catch a crook in Dhoom 2, never had India seen such good looking Police officers! But Bipasha is no stranger to such adulations, infact ever since 'Jism' her first hit at the Box office, the dusky beauty has been drawing in crowds.

    So what's it like to be Bipasha Basu?

    bipasha basu follows a fixed gym routine and an equally strict yet well-balanced dietbipasha basu follows a fixed gym routine and an equally strict yet well-balanced dietOne of Bollywood's current leading heroines and Diva supreme, Bipasha Basu admits to having been laidback regarding her fitness during her modeling days! In a candid confession, she states that "Actually, I got into fitness because of the film No Entry. Since I play a dancer, I knew that I'd have to bare my midriff. All my fears about showing my belly came up. So, I started working out"

    No Entry was a superhit and so was Bipasha Basu! Buoyed by the positive reaction to her

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  • Dark Chocolate- The Dark Horse of Good Health

    Chemically speaking, chocolate really is the world's perfect food. - Michael Levin, Nutritional Researcher

    dark chocolate is good for one's healthdark chocolate is good for one's healthWho doesn't like eating Chocolates? Right from the Kids to Adults, everyone melts at the very sight of the dark brownish slab of delicious goodness and who wouldn't! And now with researchers and recent reports stating that the Dark Chocolate variety of Chocolate can help boost one's cardiovascular health along with helping to regulate blood pressure, improve blood circulation and so on… we are sure there couldn't be better news for Chocolate Lovers world over!

    Why Dark Chocolate instead of any other Chocolate?

    Some of the most commonly available varieties of chocolate are White, Brown, Milk and Dark Chocolate. However, despite the many health benefits of dark chocolate, it still hasn't been able to achieve a place amongst the preferred chocolate varieties in India! The answer to this lies in our Indian taste buds, which are still unaccustomed to the bitter taste of

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  • All about OCD – Obsessive compulsive Disorder

    Before we get to the topic on hand, let's have you answer a few questions first.

    "Do you wash your hands thoroughly every 10-15 minutes?", "Do you find yourself poring over the minute details, be it work or leisure, again and again?", "Do you conspicuously avoid touching surfaces such as door knobs and hand rails for the fear of contracting germs?" and "Do you make it a point to have everything in your house color co-ordinated, placed in a fixed order and do you find yourself unsettled if it isn't so?". Now check your answer list, if you have answered most of these questions as yes, then you have a high chance of having Obsessive Compulsive Disorder!

    So what is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder?

    Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or OCD is a mental illness or disorder that causes the sufferer to have certain obsessions, which lead to anxiety. OCD is also characterized by repetitive behaviors aimed to calm the anxiety bought on by the obsessions. For Eg: An individual diagnosed with

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  • Stop obsessing over Weight, just stay Active

    weighing scaleweighing scaleAre you frustrated with the usual gymming routines and rigorous exercises that are always suggested when you look for a weight loss program? Do you start off with great vigor but then somewhere down the lane it takes a toll on you and you give up? There are so many things that need to be kept in mind while gymming or aerobics, like the time you need to devote, clothes, keeping sufficient time gap between meals, etc. There is always a reason to avoid the exercise regime.

    But why get fixated on losing weight? Did you know that what is more important than losing weight is to have a good stamina and to keep the body active? Did you know that those who run to the gym everyday or those who are thin may still have low stamina levels?

    Often we sit at our office desks for ten hours a day and then travel, or should I say struggle, while commuting by trains and buses, amidst crowds. By the time we reach home we are so tired from the mental and physical struggle, that we eat and crash

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  • Rid yourself of Dirty, Smelly feet this monsoon!

    wet feet rainswet feet rainsWe are all well aware of the problems of smelly feet. Whether it is shoes and socks, boots, or sandals for some reason we can't run away from smelly feet. The problem is embarrassing and ever existent!

    But more care and concern needs to be given to our feet during the monsoons. Along with smelly feet we are also prone to feet infections and feet diseases that spread during the monsoons.

    Why specifically the monsoons?

    Monsoons are characterized by the humid, wet and sticky climate and this translates to sweaty feat, wet mucky shoes, fungal infections, athlete's foot and many splash puddle watersplash puddle waterother feet diseases. In fact we are more prone to other typical monsoon diseases like leptospirosis if we do not keep our feet clean.

    The roads are full of water and mud which enter our foot wear. To make things worse, we wear the wet and dirty shoes in office for hours, and then return home with swollen, unclean and smelly feet.

    The feet smell because bacteria feeds on the sweat of our feet,

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