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  • The Girl's Game Season Finalle: 3 Tips that Work for Both Sexes

    The Girl's Game Season Finalle

    Recently I took to the stage as a guest to speak in a packed conference room full of men. We had hundreds of guys from all over the world hoping to glean just a small amount of insight into how the female psyche works.

    At the start of my talk I asked them, "What do you think the biggest female dating problem is?" A range of answers came my way, no two the same and most of them pretty far from the mark.

    The truth that men are clueless when it comes to modern romance is no mystery, for many of us it's taken as fact, but for men the idea that women could struggle with dating blows their mind.

    Men are traditionally cast as the hunters of the dating arena, the problem being they aren't very good at it. Women on the other hand are more like farmers, they want to growth and nurture their interactions with sufficient depth even when it comes to casual relationships.

    This leads to a disconnect with men complaining that women are too picky and women lamenting that there are no good

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  • Video Proof: Why Women Need “Game”

    Girl with Game

    We get asked a lot: Why do women need to learn "game"? Can't they have any man they want? This is a question many men and women ask when first learning about our show "The Girl's Game".

    Men know that a lot of guys will do anything for a pretty face, and the world is a big place filled with men who have widely different standards of beauty, so surely every woman has a man out there to worship her.


    Men are viewing it from the wrong perspective. Sure, women can get attention, interest and even raw, mechanical, passion-less sex.

    But what if a woman wants to be appreciated for who she really is, and every guy is focusing on just her looks?

    Women don't just want sex. It's always about getting "more then that," regardless of whether she wants a husband or just a fling.

    We've asked the following question to dozens of women in our research:

    "How many guys have you dated in the last 6 months that you were actually into?"

    The answer is usually…two.


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  • How to Lower Your 'Bitch Shield.'

    Lower Your Shields!

    Check out what happens when Samantha takes Mehow's advice into the field to see if she can successfully drop her "bitch shield" and land a date on "The Girl's Game."

    Why hasn't he come over to talk to you?

    Are you wearing that hot, little black number? Check.

    Have you made eye contact? Briefly.

    You are not yet plastered, balancing against a doorframe, hoping the world stops spinning.

    Maybe he has a girlfriend. Even though you distinctly recall, while 'politely overhearing,' that he has been single for a few months, you start to tell yourself anything to avoid a bruised ego.

    You aim for sexy, seductive even, but yet you continually miss the mark. How? Why? It all feels rather tragic. So where did it all go wrong?


    It is impossible to know exactly how others perceive you, which can occasionally be a detriment socially. Society, as such, has a major pre-occupation with appearance, showing off the good, and masking the bad. Like it or not, from our body

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  • How to Turn on His Inner Charm

    How to 'Trick' A Guy into Being Playful

    What's the single biggest problem that women face when dating?

    Men are lame.

    Yup, men are usually one of the big 3 categories of lame

    a. boring
    b. awkward
    c. fake

    Fortunately, in our infinite Yahoo! Shine web wisdom we developed a special 5 minute video that shows you how to eliminate "The ABC's of Lameness" from your online dating.

    I'm going to show you the video in a second but I want you to exactly. follow. my clever. 2 step instructions:

    1. Watch the video.
    2. Keep reading article after you watched the video (leave comments, share with friends, gossip about it on facebook first tho).

    Ok, ready?
    Here is the video:

    Did you watch it? OK, excellent.

    Now you might have a question. If you watch my "The Girls Game" Yahoo! Screen videos you know I'm big on women and men being "playful." What is "playful" exactly?

    l can talk about this topic for hours but right now I'm going to give you the super short answer you can use today. For women, if

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