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  • User Post: Defending the Young Mom

    We're all aware of the young mom stigma circulating in society. You know the one: Immature girl falls in love with immature boy and immaturely thinks they can handle having a cute little baby, only to realize they had no idea what they were getting into. They end up broke, uneducated, divorced and unhappy -- secretly regretting the youthful years they threw away. Maybe they neglect their parental duties and go out partying at all hours of the night. Maybe they find themselves on a never-ending cycle of welfare. Maybe they blame their children for stealing their lives.

    Sound familiar?

    This tale was once again told over on a recent Yahoo Shine post, Why Don't My Parents Want Me to Have Kids Young? by Jaipi Sixbear. And in it she bullets every reason why you shouldn't have children young. She makes general statements like:

    • "...if you decide to have kids young, be prepared to accept a hard life for you and your children (possibly even your grandchildren).
    • "Having kids
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