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  • Rehab: If You Win You Win, If You Lose You Still Win

    Drug and alcohol addiction can take you to many different 'bottoms'. You could lose your job, your family, your friends, or your sense of self. Only you will know when enough becomes enough for you. When you have reached your bottom and decided that enough is enough, drug and alcohol treatment can serve as a necessary approach to recovery.

    People end up in drug and alcohol treatment for many different reasons, very few of which are of their own accord. The phrase "enough is enough" is less about the decision to go to treatment and has more to do with the decision to stop drinking or using. Sometimes the courts force people to go to treatment; sometimes one's family is the force that pushes them to treatment; sometimes an employer values an employee enough to pay for treatment before the alternative of termination. However it is that you get treatment, a decision must be made to do what it takes to recover.

    What is great about this decision is that it does not mean that you

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