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  • 10 Ways to have a Happy Love Relationship With your Guy

    There are several things that we need to consider in entering into a relationship

    1. Be ready for heartaches.

    2. Do not be a nagger specially for girls (like if the answer is pretty obvious do not try to ask it to him over and over again,because you will just pissed him off).

    3. Show him that you respect his decisions.

    4. Oftenly, do not tell him what to do because that will make him feels like he doesn't know how to do the stuff ( making them feel useless).

    5. Never forget to say " I love you " to him.This will make him pretty special to you.

    6. If he wants to have an intimate moment with you then do it. Make out with him like your doing it together for the first time .

    7. Do not ask for his password because he might feels like you don't trust him at all. There are still things that needs to be private( besides if your boyfriend will give you his password then what? he might create a new then you will still not know it) better to trust

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    Do you want to make a cake that does not need an oven,and a measuring cup? Throw all of that worries. Baking a cake is a hassle specially if you only want to throw a simple parties( like inviting few friends at home,a gift perhaps?) .

    You want to offer a very tasty yet affordable ingredient of a cake. Here are my Tips:

    1. Look for an ACE Biscuits.
    2. Two 250 ml of All Purpose Nestle Cream.
    3. 350 gram of Milo.


    1. Crushed the Ace Bisquits.
    2. Pour 250 ml of nestle cream mixed it with 2 1/2 cup of milo.( add more milo if necessary,Milo is used as sweetener.)
    4. Stir the mixed milo and cream.
    5. Put half of the crushed ace bisquits on a square plate or anything that can occupy enough space for your cake.
    6. Pour the finished mixed milo and cream into your square plate.
    7. On top of the wet surface of your crushed ace bisquit,pour another mixed cream and milo again..and so on and so forth.....

    8. Put it on the Freezer for 30 mins...
    9. After it....serve chill ..your

  • A Moment of Sadness in a Womans Heart

    On the month of September you could barely wished that hopefully this month will not be a rainy month. Wishies whom we know wont come true. Just like in our lives we live with expectancy.We thought that after our teenage years we could have the things we wanted like having our own job,a brand new car,a house and to be with the man we loved. We all live with hope,but what happened if those hope will fall apart?At some point of our lives it's not always what it supposed to be.There will be changes. Maturity comes to us without noticing it right away.There are girls who get matured so early and merely some of those reasons are unwanted pregnancies.This reason will lead them to work hard at young age for them to sustain there babies needs. The other type is they get matured easily by nature,they exposed themselves at work and at responsibility at early age for being a carrier oriented one.

    Woman will always be a woman.Girl will always be girl.It reminds of Britneys Spears lyrics "I'm not

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