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  • Balancing School and Teen Parenting

    This is the second part of a five part series regarding how I, a teen mom, aim to balance all aspects of my life. The first part regarded my work. This part will show you how I balance going to school. But first, a bit about myself. I got pregnant through rape at age 14. My daughter's father is my boyfriend I had at that time. I am forced to share custody with him and he is an integral part of my life, despite the fact that I have no interest in ever seeing him again. I spent much of my ninth grade year pregnant and I gave birth the first week of tenth grade, although I did not go to school that year until three weeks after I had her. Now that the background is complete, here is my school/mommyhood balance.

    Dealing with Teachers
    Most people know that peers are very unforgiving of those who get pregnant. However, I had to deal with stares and insults from students and teachers alike,. "Oh Amber, I truly thought you were smarter than this. Why?" I heard this from many teachers. While my

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  • How This Teen Mom Balanced Work and a Child

    It's no secret that teen moms often get bad reputations when they do anything other than go to school, go to work, and raise their baby. Many people wonder how young balance everything, and other young moms would love to know the secret to a perfectly balanced life.

    In truth, there is none. Even so, I've decided to do a five part series divulging my power and balance struggles since becoming a mother. Each part to this series will reveal a year by year diary working through the different aspects of my life. This part (Part 1) will reveal my work balance. Enjoy!

    9th grade
    I got pregnant in December of 2007, which made me a freshman in high school. Prior to my pregnancy, I didn't ever hold a clock punching job. I did certain things for money like cutting grass, dog walking, and short term babysitting. When I got pregnant, one of the first things my mother told me (when she stopped screaming) was that I was going to have to get a job. As time would tell, the economy would tank soon

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  • How Being a Teen Mom Has Changed Me

    In light of my daughter turning 4 in addition to starting my sophomore year of college, I've come to a realization: I don't have friends. Well, I don't have close friends that I do anything and everything with. I have girls in my classes that I talk to, eat lunch with, and occasionally catch a movie with. But I'm on a different level than most of the girls I go to school with. They can make impromptu plans, go boy hopping at the club on college night, and have the time of their lives. I have to take mass transit home to my daughter, stepson, and husband. I love my family and I love that I am able to go to college to make a better way for them, but being on a different level has proven to be really isolating, especially in the last few weeks being back at school. I thought I'd share the different ways that being a teen mom has changed me.

    I'm broke, all the time.
    No one said that being a mom was easy on the wallet, and for good reason. I have a work study job and a regular job and I'm

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  • User post: Please Don't Judge This Teen Mom Anymore

    I am a nineteen year old woman with a daughter who is about to turn four. In that time, I've been given plenty of heat for having a child so young. I've heard things said to me and about me that range from annoying to ignorant to downright hurtful. I've decided to share the things I've heard, and why I call BS on these accusations.

    1. You must be a whore. This one possibly hurts the most because people say this without knowing the facts. My daughter's father raped me. I told him no many times and fought until he showed me his knife. I was a virgin at the time and the last thing on my mind was sex. But it happened, and I got pregnant. The circumstances gave me too much stress to make a choice like abortion or adoption. Unknowing people took it upon themselves (and still do) to question my morals for having a baby at 15. Even now, the only other person I've had sex with is my husband. So a whore, I am not.

    2. You must be lazy.
    I don't know where this one comes from, being a mom is hard

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