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  • Project Runway Winner Anya Ayoung Chee’s S/S 2013 Collection

    Nalissa Cuthbert, MissesDressy Blog

    Remember Anya Ayoung Chee from Project Runway Season 9? You know, the Trinidad native that had only four months of sewing experience prior to entering the competition, yet came out on top as the winner? Well since the season ended last year she has been hard at work doing what she does best and conjuring up quite a bit of buzz around her new Spring/Summer collection.

    Making her rounds at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week events across the globe Anya showed her "Carnival of Color" SS '13 collection in both New York City and Cape Town. Filled with bold prints, vibrant colors, and flowy fabrics the line was much like the mix of clean and whimsical pieces we all grew fond of during her season of Project Runway. And with a self described "sexy, easy, and island" aesthetic, we expected nothing less from the 29 year-old former beauty queen. Not to mention the collection featured a number of wearable looks that any woman would love to own- particularly the

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  • Kardashian Kollection for Dorothy Perkins Lookbook

    By: Nalissa Cuthbert of MissesDressy

    Just in time for the holiday season Kardashian Kollection for Dorothy Perkins is set to debut in stores and online tomorrow. After browsing the lookbook we must say its typical Kardashian fashion- one dimensional. Filled with blazers, blouses, and bodycon dresses in just about every style and color, the line (featuring over 100 pieces) definitely reflects the style of reality TV trio Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney Kardashian. Sadly we had an inkling of hope as fashion partnerships usually present an opportunity for aesthetic growth, but Que Sera. Per usual the line drones on in the same uniform tone. The sole positive we could find is that overall the clothing is reasonably priced. Apparently you can look like a Kardashian for around $100.

    Check out the collection- excuse me, Kollection- and take a look at a behind the scenes video of the LA shoot.

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  • Best + Worst + Boring 2012 Celebrity Halloween Costumes

    Nalissa Cuthbert - MissesDressy Blog

    As people all over the globe gear up for Halloween events tonight, celebrities have already gotten the party started. Not too long ago we counted down a few of our all time favorite celeb costumes, before we got a glimpse at what they'd be sporting this year. Some costumes were pulled off well, while others needed help, and others sent us straight to sleep! From mermaids, to the Queen of the Nile, to totally unidentifiable we're still scratching our heads over here. Check out a rundown of this years best, worst, and boring celebrity costumes!

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    Britney Spears' Controversial Cover and Selena Gomez Gets Sexy in December Mags

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  • Britney Spears' Controversial Cover and Selena Gomez Gets Sexy in December Mags

    Nalissa Cuthbert - MissesDressy Blog

    At a mere 31-years-old Britney Spears' career has risen, fallen, and skyrocketed again. As a world renowned pop star and mother of two, she is on top of the world in more ways than one. But in usual Britney fashion her December Lucky magazine cover has been stirring up a bit of controversy. Fans took to Twitter complaining that the X-Factor judge looks heavily photoshopped and is sporting a bad wig. Regarding the wig, we must agree- it's much more hair than we're used to seeing on Britney and that hairline is near her eyebrows! Now as for the alleged photoshop, uh… what's new? Celebrities are airbrushed in nearly every printed ad and magazine spread and though it's misleading and unrealistic, it certainly isn't a new practice. Since the backlash Lucky tweeted an ambiguous message to fans, steering clear of whether or not the images were in fact edited (duh) stating, "Thank you all for sharing your thoughts on our cover! As always, we will share

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  • Wildfox Resort 2012/13 Lookbook

    Nalissa Cuthbert - MissesDressy Blog

    I don't know about you, but I seldom see my grandmother sitting Indian-style on the front lawn or sniffing flowers in an off the shoulder midriff top- but that could just be me. In the graphic filled, vintage inspired Wildfox Resort 2012/2013 collection, entitled Granny's Closet, the modern day elder is embodied in models Mila De Wit and Nyasha Matanhodze. With a bit of wit and humor, the collection has classic pieces from the cozy button-down sweater and floral cropped pant, to polka dot shorts and an "I Love My Cat" t-shirt. As described on I Love Wildfox, the assortment of quirky outfits transform granny from our fumbling, no holds barred senior to the young girl she once was and still is at heart.

    "This collection is a tribute to granny and her perfectly mismatched style, her love of cats, jewels, travels and gardening, her hair that she never cuts, the old mansion she bought in the 90's with the last of her savings, her big

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  • Designers Recreate Disney Princess Gowns for Harrods Display!

    Nalissa - MissesDressy Blog

    sleeping beauty elie saabsleeping beauty elie saab

    Fashion heavyweights spanning the globe will replicate Disney princess gowns in a Harrods Christmas window display next month- ahhh! (Jinx.) Don't bother rubbing your eyes in disbelief. This is actually happening. Unveiling on November 1st, the high end London department store's front window display will feature designer interpretations of memorable looks pegged to Disney princesses we all know and love. In correspondence with the 7,000 square foot pop-up Disney shop already open in the store, the dresses will beckon those childhood butterflies that preceded the holiday season once upon a time. Those darn Disney queens never fail.

    So which designers are allowing their imaginations to run wild, mused by these classic characters, you ask? Oscar de la Rentais re-imagining Snow White's feminine whiles and beauty while Cinderella is made modern by at the hands of Versace and Phocahontas' uninhibited yet demure style is channeled by Roberto Cavalli. This

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  • Are Clogs Back In?

    MissesDressy Blog
    by Nalissa


    To quote the witty Heidi Klum, "one day you're in and the next day you're out!" Aside from being a cliche phrase, we can't deny that in the world of fashion it's absolutely true. What's on trend one minute (like sapphire, ox-blood, or grey looks) is a complete taboo the next. We all remember Spring 2010 when clogs suddenly became the go-to shoe and just as quickly were being snatched from our feet by the fashion police! Much to my dismay, they went out almost as fast they stormed in. Apparently the stylishly inclined weren't won over by the easy breezy, comfy little treats for long. Sure they're not the sexiest shoe in town but we've seen how clogs can be made fabulous. I have a near and dear pair of my own and it would be nice to strut around in them without the fear of being slapped with a citation. For all the cloggers out there, our single wish may be a reality because word on the runway is the "cult classic" of footwear is back on trend. Could this

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  • Go Big and Bold: Fall Jewelry Style Tips

    MissesDressy Blog
    Nalissa - September 24, 2012



    As we all know, piecing together the perfect ensemble is only half the battle. Accessorizing with jewelry helps complete a total look. During the fall it's especially fun to mix and match jewelry, as they can give an already layered outfit extra drama and spruce up the average fall color palette. Check out our top three jewelry style tips to keep in mind during shopping this season!

    Keep it Colorful

    Autumn is the season of rich, vibrant colors even if only present in your jewelry. When wearing monochromatic tones try to add a jewelry piece that will brighten up your look. Use accessories as a way to create contrast. Or even if your outfit includes color variety, bright jewelry can help play them up. Don't be afraid to throw on those sapphire earrings with that orange sweater! Color coordination is the hidden key to fall fashion.


    History + Industry by Irene Wood Exhibition earrings


    Aldo Mosquera

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  • Large Sleeves, Chunky Heels, & Strange Headpieces in Paris FW

    MissesDressy Blog
    Nalissa - September 28, 2012


    So far we've spotted more than a few memorable looks during Paris Fashion Week. A trend throughout seems to be fresh, young, easy clothing in ready-to-wear-collections. We've also noticed a few recurring details such as enlarged sleeves, thick heels, cut-outs, collars, and super unique (to say the least) accessories. The collections are perhaps less overt in comparison to London Fashion Week, but they certainly didn't skim us on design. Take a look at a few of our favorite lines.

    Balenciaga RTW S/S 2013

    Balenciaga is the breath of fresh air that represents spring paired with the playful fun of it. Peek-a-boo midriffs, the mix of curves and sharp angles along with light but beautifully crafted accessories make the collection extremely refined and smart. It's the unintentionally cool collection. And obviously made with me in mind.




    balenciaga-rtw-ss2013 pair




    Carven RTW S/S 2013

    This collection is a prime example of

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