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  • Carbonnade: Beef and Beer Stew

    Updated and revised.

    When the days are cold, dark, and damp, all we really want to do around here is to curl up with a nice big pot of stew. Known as "Carbonnade a la Flamande", this Belgian beef stew is made with hearty Belgian ale and plenty of onions. The flavor is a little sweet and sour, the sweet from the onions and either a little added sugar or tomato paste, and the sour from a touch of mustard or vinegar. Since I first posted this recipe I've made a few adjustments to the recipe itself, and we've received several recommendations for which ale to use (check the comments). The general view is that you should try to use a Belgian ale for this stew. If you can't find a Belgian ale, or a Belgian-style ale, you can try Newcastle Brown Ale or Anchor Steam (the last two recommended by Cooks Illustrated for their carbonnade). We found a couple American ales made in the Belgian style at our local Whole Foods and for our most recent batch of stew used a bottle of Ommegang

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