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  • What Whitney Gave to Me

    Music for the Heart and Soul

    At ten, I stood in front of the mirror singing, word for word, The Greatest Love of All. I felt as if I were live in concert in front of a hundred thousand people - just me, a worn hairbrush, and a pretend audience that included teddy bears, a Barbie and Ken set, and a few critters that had flocked to my bedroom window to hear me crone to the vibes of the likes of the world-renown Whitney Houston. At that moment, I was a star.

    Of course, I couldn't hold a note if Stevie Wonder put it in my hand and Jennifer Hudson volunteered to help to hold the note steady in my hand, but that's besides the point. With Whitney's music, a young girl from Tuskegee, Alabama in the 1980s could feel hope. It was with that glimmer of hope, if only for a five-minute track that could be rewound over and over until the tape broke, that a girl was allowed to dream much bigger than her surroundings.

    No One is Immune to Struggles

    Watching what had become of

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  • Tap Into Your Discerning Spirit

    Discernment of spirits is the interpretation of what St. Ignatius Loyola called the "motions of the soul." These interior movements consist of thoughts, imaginings, emotions, inclinations, desires, feelings, repulsions, and attractions. Spiritual discernment of spirits involves becoming sensitive to these movements, reflecting on them, and understanding where they come from and where they lead us. (Taken from

    Ah, Discernment...

    There have been times in life when I have not tapped in to my spirit of discernment and each of those times left me with bumps, bruises, and lots of whiplash memories to remind me not to ever do that particular thing again. It's like being a child and touching the stove. Once you touch the stove the first time and get burned, no one has to tell you the second time that it is hot. It doesn't matter if the stove is off, if someone tries to put your hand close to it you holler, "no!" That's not so much discernment

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