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  • This Week's Top 5 Toughest Love Questions Answered!

    Each week we'll have one of the matchmakers from NBC's new dating show Ready for Love answer five of your most pressing relationship questions.

    This week, we have Matt Hussey, a world-renowned matchmaker and speaker, here to answer the Top 5 Ready for Love Questions submitted to us last week. Want to have your toughest love questions answered by one of the Ready for Love matchmakers? Enter your questions in the comments below and check back next week.

    Matt Hussey, Matchmaker on NBC's Ready For Love. Watch Tuesday Nights after The Voice#1. When you start casually dating someone, what's the best way to bring up that you want it to be something more serious?
    Tell him you really like him, but you want to know what it is because you want to know what to say to other guys who want to take you out. Ask him what he sees the two of you as. If he says he's not sure, then make sure you invest time in the other areas of your life, and don't give in whenever he wants to see you. Let him miss you not being around on his terms because he won't commit to more.

    #2. I'm

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  • Ask a Matchmaker!

    Finding "the one" in today's world of dating seems too impossible. The good news is, the matchmakers from NBC's "Ready for Love" are here to help!

    Amber Kelleher-Andrews, Tracy McMillan and Matt Hussey offer up great dating tips to the contestant on "Ready for Love," critiquing their dates and telling it like it is. And now they're ready to spread their words of wisdom!

    Wondering if your crush is ready to take things to the next level? Having trouble reading his signals? Solicit your questions below, and our matchmakers will answer their top picks every week!

    Amber Kelleher-Andrews is an internationally renowned relationship expert and matchmaker. Awarded back-to-back top global matchmaking awards for 2010 and 2011, Kelleher International continues to set the standard today for upscale, personalized matchmaking.

    Matt Hussey is the new international guru of the dating and relationship-coaching scene. Through his DVDs, viral Internet broadcasts and sellout "Secrets of Read More »from Ask a Matchmaker!
  • Are YOU Ready for Love?

    "Ready for Love" just might be your favorite new dating show - on steroids. Three guys, three matchmakers, and thirty-six girls - all packed into two hours of delicious dating show drama. Plus, our favorite celeb couple Giuliana and Bill Rancic are added to the mix for hosting duties. That’s a whole lotta love, and we’re all about it. 

    Here's how it works: Three professional matchmakers, each with their own school of thought, got to work recruiting the perfect candidates for
    Tim, Ernesto and Ben through a global call-to-action on Facebook. After interviewing their top candidates, they narrowed down their selections to four girls per guy - that's 12 girls per bachelor. Each week, the ladies go on dates with their respective bachelor and try to win his heart, armed with advice from their trusty matchmakers.

    These guys are pretty much the definition of perfection. Not only is Tim Lopez is lead singer of the Plain White T's, he’s a good boy too…he claims he can count the

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