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  • Sex For Sale. Negotiated Infidelity. How irrational is this, really?

    This concept most likely sparks severe reactions. The idea of someone selling their body seems highly immoral and full of sin. But how unusual is this, really? Girlfriends and wives enjoy flowers and gifts, dinners and vacations from their men. They have sex in return, correct? ("Wine me dine, 69 me" may come to mind.) A New York Housewife enjoys a lucrative bank account without working outside of the home. She works inside the home and ensures a comfortable and well fed husband, correct? He's paying her, isn't he? I can remember my grandmother recieving a weekly "allowance" from my grandfather. She would ask him every Friday if he was going to pay her.

    And he did.

    In the novel Sugarbabe: The Controversial Real Story of a Woman in Search of a Sugar Daddy, author Holly Hill explores this concept fully. I have only just begun to read her story and already I find myself completely enveloped in her reasoning and justification. To me, it sounds…right. She sets out to find the Read More »from Sex For Sale. Negotiated Infidelity. How irrational is this, really?
  • User post: Are You Showing Up?

    I have always wondered about this chore called the "honey-do list"; the list that women give their men to delegate the household chores that they periodically need completed. Trees need trimmed, yards need mowed, and pictures need hanging but what about the items that don't make the written to-do list?

    I have never given a honey-do list, although I have made plenty "Dad can you do this?" calls. My dad was always a handy man who could install a wall shelf or build that desk without giving two thoughts to it. For my mom I grew up watching him installing appliances, maintaining cars, and just always being there to get for us what we needed (like the time I forgot a dance costume and he drove all the way home to get it for me just in time for the curtain to go up). But I always wondered if there was an unwritten list of emotional to-dos that men provided for women; the emotional connections or the helpful hints to make life a little better.

    We all have that checklist of what we want and

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  • Creating The Fairy Tale

    Creating The Fairy Tale

    I know I'm probably too old to still believe in fairy tales. You might say I'm silly and naive if I opened my heart and told you all that I still hold on to. But why? Don't you remember what it was like to still believe in Prince Charming? Can't you recall spinning in your bedroom with bracelets to your elbows and your mom's heels? Where did all of that hope and fantasy and dream go?

    As children we believe in Santa, the Easter bunny, and the Tooth Fairy. We grow up believing in the magic of the unknown and waiting anxiously for the surprise that magic would bring us. As adults we move from believing in all of that to making sure we carry on the tradition with our own children. I don't have a daughter but I imagine if I did I would most certainly let her run around in my high heels and wear the over sized necklaces. I'd let her put makeup on and I'd ooh and aww about how grown up she looks. Boys play their own versions of make believe. Sword fights and Read More »from Creating The Fairy Tale