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  • To my teachers: thank you for failing me

    This year commemorates 25 years since I graduated high school. And I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all my guidance counselors and teachers for lying to me, deceiving me, and above all else, failing me when I needed their advice and know-how the most.

    When I was in high school, I was so disillusioned with it that I hated going every day. I wanted to quit and drop out. Most of my family never finished high school, including my parents who were able to support a family of seven children including myself. So why should I?

    But I was pestered and encouraged to stay and graduate, being told that dropouts earned way less in jobs than high school graduates. "Stay in school." That was the motto on the public service announcements back then. So I stayed and graduated.

    Since then, I been from one menial job to another, never making more than $18,000 a year. I lived at home with my parents until I was 28. Then I got an apartment of my own which I struggle to keep along with the other

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  • User Post: How I survived a layoff

    While there's been recent talk that America seems to be heading for another recession, and despite recent job growth there are still many who are still on the unemployment line, I wonder how these people who've thrown up their hands saying "There are no jobs out there!" would account for me.

    Two years ago I was laid off from my previous job. The company needed to cut back so it closed some of its branch locations in different states, one of them being the one I worked at.

    Was it devastating? Yes. It was. I had invested three years of my life in that company, working my way up from the bottom to a decent salary, benefits and seniority. And all of a sudden the company took it all away from me. The only decent thing they did was help us file our unemployment claims.

    After about a week of moping around my apartment over my losing my job, I came to the realization that the only thing that was going to get me out of my rut was to get another job.

    My job search took me three months. And

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  • Why do people cheat?

    I have a question to ask anybody out there who's cheating on their hubby or girlfriend or fiance or wife or husband.

    Why do you do it?

    Is it because you think you can get away with it?

    Is it because doing something you know is morally wrong more thrilling than doing what's right?

    Are you not getting enough out of your mate?

    Are you going through some midlife crisis that's making you yearn for your lost youth?

    Do you ever stop to think about who you're cheating on? How it feels to place trust in someone heart and soul only to have them lie behind your back? How humiliating that is?

    And what about the person you're cheating with? Does he or she know the truth? Have you ever stopped to think about how you're using them?

    I'm not trying to preach here. I'm not a religious person but I do know the difference between what's right and wrong. But it seems in my view so many are cheating on the ones they love and who entrusted their hearts in to share their lives with that they feel like

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  • Stop criticizing how others celebrate Memorial Day

    Memorial Day is just around the corner. For me its one of the very few times of the year I get to spend with family members of mine, many of whom it seemed only yesterday were little kids running around the yard but now have families of their own. Together we have a cookout, drink, eat and have a grand ol' time together.

    Lately it seems some veterans groups are criticizing the way people like me and my family choose to spend this holiday with family gatherings, barbecues, pool parties and trips to the beach, much in the way many evangelical Christians have been going around criticizing others about the way they spend Christmas, saying we fail to understand the real reason for Memorial Day.

    That's silly. Of course I understand. It's a day for remembering those who sacrificed their lives on foreign battlefields for the defense and preservation of our freedom (that's my definition in my own words). My father was a veteran of the Korean conflict. And I was always proud of his service to

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  • Haven't militia men got better things to do?

    I'd love to ask those involved with these right-wing militia groups, including those involved with that "Hutara" christian warrior group from Michigan that was busted recently by the FBI exactly what is it about this country that I'm supposed to be afraid of?

    Because as of right now, the only thing that I am really afraid of is them.

    They claim that America has somehow been taken over by socialism, and that our president is somehow a foreign-born socialist dictator in disguise. Well, as far as I know, nobody has taken away any of my rights under the Constitution.

    Nobody has kicked down my door to take me or my friends and family away to some FEMA concentration camps for our beliefs. And I've never had any problems with the IRS, even when I've owed money to them.

    I don't have any grievances against the government because I don't have time for them. I don't have time to sit at these ridiculous tea party rallies and such because I'm too busy trying to earn a paycheck so I can pay my

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  • Meeting the Illustrated Woman

    This morning when I was in the supermarket checkout line I saw a woman ahead of me adorned with tattoos on her arms, on the calves of her legs and one on the back of her neck. In a way, she kind of reminded me of being the female counterpart of the character from Ray Bradbury's "Illustrated Man" novel.

    Honestly, I cannot fathom this obsession America seems to have these days with tattoos. Especially with women. I don't know if it's an equality thing, since guys have worn tattoos for so long, or if it's an erotic thing. But if their idea is to turn me on somehow with them, it's not working.

    I myself have no "body art" and have no desire to get any. Because they look disgusting and ridiculous. They demean your character as a person. Plus the fact that if you want to remove them you'd have to pay a lot of money to have them removed with a laser, which I've heard is a painful procedure.

    If I'm going out in public to socialize, I would want people to notice me, not my tattoos.

    Call me

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  • George's Movie Wish List

    Yesterday I was reading comments made from people on the Yahoo Movies page on the slew of 80's remakes coming to theaters: Clash of the Titans, Nightmare on Elm Street, The A Team, etc..

    "THEY ALL SUCK!" said one person. "Aren't there any new ideas left in Hollywood?" asked another. And I have to agree. Creativity and originality in the motion picture industry have given way to profitability. Whatever takes in the most money at the box office is what matters.

    But have no fear. For all you producers and screenwriters out there stumped on story ideas, I've come up with a list of ideas for movies I'd love to see made. Most of them are based on novels that I've read, which goes to show you the best and most economical means for movie ideas by far is adaptation. I call it George's Movie Wish List.

    And for all you commentors out there, feel free to share some ideas of your own. I'd love to read them.

    On The Road. Based on the classic Jack Kerouac novel which supposedly inspired the hippie

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  • Gov. McDonnell, have you lost your mind?

    Has the governor of Virginia, Bob McDonnell, completely lost his mind?

    Yesterday he wanted to proclaim the month of April as "Confederacy Appreciation Month" to observe Virginia's role, proudly might have you, in the Civil War, and fly that sickening Confederate flag atop the taxpayer-owned Virginia state house.

    The American civil war was the bloodiest and most darkest period in American history. There was nothing to be "proud" about it. Family members fought on opposite sides of the battlefield, which was often in neighborhoods and farmers' fields.

    And it wasn't over slavery, or even state's rights. It was one side of a debate--the south-- that couldn't take the other side--the north-- winning, so they let their anger goad them into picking up rifles, aiming them at the other side and opening fire. Which sounds a lot like today, with how we're divided between red state and blue state, conservative and liberal, and how the cable news channels are fueling this fire into an inferno.

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  • Hello.

    Hi, I'm George. Welcome to my blog, George's Way.

    It's a blog I hope you'll enjoy where I rant and rave about things like politics, culture, and life in general. And I try to describe how I feel things ought to be if I had my way.

    George's Way.

    Wouldn't we all like to have things our own way in life? That's the American way I think.