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  • Worst Day Ever

    it was saturday february 2012. my stepfather woke me up at 5:00 in the morning. he threw ice cold water on me. then he beat me with a bat saying i need to go clean the kitchen. then when i got downstairs he slapped me and said i wasnt walking fast enough. he sat down and watched me clean the kitchen. after i was finish i told him i was done. i asked him if i could go outside he said yes. i went outside to go to my friend's house so i went to go upstairs to get ready. when i was about to go outside he pushed me and started laughing. i scraped my knee, and i started crying. i went over my friend's house her mom told me she wasn't there. so i was about to go home then this dog started chasing me and he bit my leg. i climbed up a tree. i climbed down and went home as soon as the dog left. when i got home i did my homework. after i was done my mom was home. my mom called me and asked me why i didn't clean the kitchen. i told her i did. then she hit me with her belt. she said apparently i

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  • Parents Here Me Out!

    Yesterday I got in trouble twice for what I didn't do and it's getting on my nerves. I hate both of my parents. first, I got in trouble because somebody put my little sister elicia food in the microwave and my mom asked who put her food in there it been in there since Sunday she asked who put it in there and nobody said nothing it was between me and my sister ronicole. So we both got in trouble for it. I knew ronicole did it because I didn't fix her food yesterday I only fixed me and my brother's food. so my mom said since nobody knew who put elicia food in the microwave that were not getting anything for Christmas and she's not going to buy us nothing at all so if we need something we better figure out how we go get it, and that we both have to rotate on dishes and were on punishment until she says we can get off. The second thing that happened yesterday was the cake somebody ate some cake my mom said specifically not to eat the cake and of course somebody had to eat the cake. I

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  • Please Help Me

    how do you help a invisible person feel visible. im that type of person because any time i have to do a presentation i feel like im going to throw up like i cant do it. i never in my life done a presentation because i was so scared. i cant get over it i hate that what's wrong with me now im failing in class can someone help me please tell me what i can do to fix those. sometimes when i get up there and everyone's looking at me. i get a lump in my throat and my teacher tell's me to go sit down. then i start crying because i didnt do it and i hate that it's embarssing. there's no one i know that can help with this problem i dont have any friends i dont talk to anybody and when do try to talk to someone it's like im invisible no one hears me. im just another person that no one talks to. everyone around talks to somebody. even the new kids have people to tlak to. im in a military family so its hard for me espically when we move. then it starts all over again im the new kid im just as

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  • boyfiend trouble and school friends

    okay here's my story. at my old school i used to like this guy name tyler brown but now im at a new school cause we moved since my stepfather is in the army. i used to go to spencer high school but now i go to to northside its absolutely terrible. i havent made no friends what so ever. i dont go to spemcer becuase my grades started to drop now i go here. all of my friends are at spencer and my boyfriend is there. i dont know what to do im just usually the quiet and shy one and when people start talking to me then i fell comfortable to be me but now no one talks to me at northside and im bored out of my mind. the classes here are easier than at spencer but that dosnt mean anything i still miss my friends at spencer. i feel lonely here. tyler brown was my crush i really loved him he was my first and now when i spend anytime with my boyfriend he's all i think about i dont know why but it bothers me i llove my boyfriend truly but why cant i just stop thinking about him. but now since i

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