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  • The Evolution of Bathroom Vanities

    Interior designers and decorators really started paying attention to bathrooms in the early 1900's. It was during the time when the French started combining bathrooms and dressing rooms that many designers started to produce bathroom vanities for homes. Competitors were each coming up with their own one-of-a- kind design by using the most dominant construction material at that time, which was wood. Back then, a traditional bathroom vanity would be a sink and a basin with a wooden stand, as well as a towel rack.

    As time passed, innovative designers started generating bathroom vanities made out of ordinary woods. In addition, there were hand carved & intricate designs to make them look extravagant. Nonetheless, these vanities lost their appeal because they were pricey. Not many people could afford to buy them; hence, designers stopped producing them. As plumbers began improving plumbing systems and services, so did the interior designers and decorators.

    Slowly, designers began

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