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  • User post: Should I let my Dad walk me down the aisle?

    My wedding is 8 months away and I am facing a dilema.... should I stick with my plan of not having anyone walk me down the aisle or for the sake of not hurting feelings, let my Dad and/or my Stepdad walk me down the aile?

    Let me preface this by saying we are having a non-traditional wedding on the beach that will include both a Christian ceremony and a hand-fasting to recognize both of our beliefs and will be writing our own vows. We want our wedding to be very unique and expressive of our personalities.

    Now for some background on the walking down the aisle solo situation.

    First off, I consider myself a very modern woman,and don't like what the traditions of "asking for my hand in marriage" and being "given away" symbolize. I AM NOT TRYING TO OFFEND ANYONE, these are my personal beliefs here and the traditions of a man asking your father's permission to marry you and being given away to your husband by your father harken back to a time when women were considered property of thier

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